questionswhere did all of the wootizen crap go?


I have been checking this thread:

But there is not much there. I know that many of the boxes didn't go out until Saturday and since Monday was a holiday things are moving a little slower. I haven't received mine yet but I will post as soon as I get it. So excited to see what crap I get!


I don't know how to post a picture - help.


@conanthelibrarian: I have been frequenting the same thread...not really much there.


I think many are still in transit. Sounded like some were shipped Saturday and Tuesday of this week.


The one I sent should have delivered yesterday (Thursday) and mine is supposed to arrive Saturday


@conanthelibrarian: I just posted the lists to go with my pics in the thread you linked to. Mine were beyond awesome.

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@hot72chev: You'll have to upload the picture to an online source first ( for example). Once it's there, you can get the image link (not the IMG code, that's not necessary here -- you want the direct link). All you have to do is paste that link and it will automatically show the picture embedded in your post.

I have been disappointed in the photos/responses as well. I'm not sure how many participants there were this time, but last time there seemed to be far more pictures. There's still time. I hope to get my BOC soon and I'll be sure to post some pictures.


I got my Wootizen box from @devexityspace today.

My son was really excited to see the Wii classic controller

Contents include:

1 Wii Classic Controller
1 24 pack of Cedar Wraps
1 Apple USB Cable
1 Whiskey Stone
1 Nerf Dart
2 Apple Decals
1 Sanyo 9 Volt Battery
1 Furry Hat with Viking Horns
1 Xbox Live Gold 48 hour Card

Thanks @devexityspace !


Well, I've been putting off taking pictures of my fabulous hauls, and also only sent out my boxes to @lumpthar, @gt0163c and @baybei yesterday, so that's a whole group that won't get their boxes until tomorrow. In fact, should I pm with tracking if they're showing up tomorrow? I probably should. Anyway, that's a total of six boxes right there semi-accounted for. It has been quiet, though.