questionswhat is the best kind of filtered water pitcher?


I have one of those smaller (slim model) Brita pitcher at my place because the fluoride content of my tap water is ridiculous. I bought it for around $12 at my local Mart and it works great for me and I can taste the difference.

You do have to pick up $7-8 filters every 3-4 months.

I don't really know any of the other brands (pros/cons) and I'm also interested in hearing about it.


@happyknappybeard: Thanks! I was looking into that slim one from Brita.


Consumer Reports tested seven water filter pitchers and the one offered by Woot (the Clear 2o whose MSRP is $30)finished second, JUST behind one that lists for $150. A best buy and virtually top finisher As a matter of fact, of the 30 different types of water filters, some frightfully expenseive, the Clear finished barely 3rd to the aformentioned $150 pitcher and an $1800 under-counter osmosis filter.


@rlapid2112: I like how it hooks up to the faucet. Thats a pretty novel idea although, if you're like me, you might have to do the dishes first.


@matthalbig: i've only used Brita pitchers. Got my first as a hand-me-down and got major coupon/sale savings on my next 2. I gave the oldest away to a friend in need and still have 1 large pitcher and 1 of the slim ones mentioned by @happyknappybeard. Our water is awful here, so we keep both full and in the fridge at all times. The big one is used for making large things (full pitcher of lemonade/spaghetti boiling water/etc.) and the other is for everyday drinking use. I love both.

I don't generally pay more than $4.50 per filter. Sign up on Brita's site for coupons, watch for Target/Walmart sales & the big bundle packs. I recently paid $26 for a 7 filter bundle pack (after bundle price, sale & coupon) at Target. Amazon often has decent bundle deals which often get free shipping for being over $25.

Brita recommends changing your filters every 2-3 months. Depending on your water, YMMV.


if this means anything, I have used brita and was about to purchase another (for my new Keurig) then found this post. I immediately bought the H20 then posted.


We use the following pitcher and filter for our water at home.

Comes with a meter that tells you the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) reading of your water and a chart that tells you the recommended levels by governmental agencies.

Any regular water filtered through the filter will read 0 for a while and you replace your filter when it finally reads a TDS of...6 ppm, I forget? Anyways, I recommend that because we use it and like it fine. Doesn't have the issues like my mom's Brita pitcher where it grows algae inside (gross, how can that be clean!?), I bought her one of the same ones I use instead.

Anyways, I won't be checking back on this thread in case anyone finds info to contradict me, I don't really wanna hear it, I'll be willfully ignorant. =]


Good, no one commented yet. So, I was looking to see if I could find a deal on the Zero Water pitcher for your fine folks, but unfortunately, they're all MSRP at the moment, when I found this video on Amazon. Pretty standard commercial at first, but 30 seconds in should hopefully help convince anyone else that is interested.


@sykotek: thanks for the info about zerowater...ill see if I can find any deals


@matthalbig: Oh! I know the answer to this one!

One that does not have a hole in the bottom. :)


I like Brita, the big one gallon plastic brick that goes in the fridge.
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I use a Pur pitcher with filter. I have animals that drink a lot of water, and I am filling it a lot. It is rather slow going through the filter which also needs to be changed about every two months. I would like to purchase the kind that attaches to the faucet, but I have a pull out that the tubing would not fit over.


Others have said it, but I vote for Brita as well.


I've had both the pitcher-style and the faucet-style filters. For my typical usage, I tend to want water "now" and I don't care whether it's cold. So if you're like me, go for the faucet-style filter.


Just to throw out some other ideas...

I went brita, pur, and a few other brands of filtered pitchers.

They were all so slow as to be frustrating, and... call me impatient.. but i found myself just skipping it, half the time...

I happen to be blessed with great tap water (yes, nyc has some of the best tap water, despite what you might think of the city otherwise) BUT - when prolonged local street construction left me with foul tasting water (took about 4-5 months and a LOT of DEP calls) - I went with poland spring bottle delivery, which included a free stand up cooler.

I haven't looked back.. its convenient.. fast, and you don't have to think about it a quart at a time.. you have 5 gallons to get through before you change. costs me 25.00 a month.

**edit - yes i realize the need to clean them. I do every 3m, don't let them run dry and stay dry - thats when mildew forms. clean with a small amount of bleach dilute, and scrub where necessary (never really notice any scum though)


We have a Brita pitcher, I like that I can get a 10 pack of the filter replacements at Costco relatively cheaply. Our tap water in summer gets kind of funky and this eliminates any off tastes or odors. I had not replaced the filter in a long time and just did recently and was surprised how much quicker the water flowed though to the bottom of the pitcher. (Kind of nasty to think about what was slowing down the flow, but I guess that's evidence that it had been doing its job.)


I know it's been said a million times, but my girlfriend goes on about her Brita filter, and praises it highly. Me? I'll just have tap water, thanks.


I have a Pur works great for me


I really liked my Clear2o pitcher. I hate the idea of having to wait for the water to slowly drip through the filter, so being able to force the water through the filter as you fill was perfect for me. Unfortunately, Wally World stopped carrying the filters, so I have been buying gallons of spring water for a while now. I was considering replacing my Clear2o with a Brita just for the ease of the availability of the filters, but I think I am going to instead follow the link and buy some Clear2o filters from Amazon now.


I have used all sorts of pitchers over the years as I have lived i states and countries with dodgy water at best many times. My favorite, however, is not a pitcher at all but a trip to the local co-op that has a super-oxidized water filtration system that I fill up 3-gallon jugs at. Admittedly, it's a pain to lug the beasts a couple of times a week, but the quality, taste and price are exceptional ($0.49 per gallon)...the bottles are reusable and recyclable. i pay less for this water than I did filtering my own.

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I have been using a brita on tap filter for a few years and been very happy with it. The filters last me about 5-6 weeks each and the entire device should be replaced every 12-15 months. I then just fill up a regular pitcher from the tap.


Opted for the Pur...thanks for all the help!


The Mavea Elemaris XL Water Filtration Pitcher is pretty good. At USD 34 it is also within your budget.

It is worth the extra money though.

More info: