questionswhy can't i figure out the triangle club thread?


If you're using IE for a browser turn off the compatibility setting. It worked for me.


@jsimsace: That worked for me, too. Thanks!

I figured there was some dumb thing. I never use that button but my cat likes to change things up for me. Sometimes I have to really dig to find out what she managed to do with a paw or two.


You are using Internet Explorer...well there's your problem. :)


@studerc: I know. I have been too lazy to switch out. I tried other options a while back and just did not take the time to learn them. What I really need to do is start with a new updated computer and set it up from the start. Not this year. Maybe next...


@pattiq: oops. Didn't see the resolution before I sent you a tester pm. Feel free to ignore it.


@pattiq: ANY other browser with Adblock = faster loading. Period.


@havocsback: I am using an ancient laptop most of the time. I am not sure I would see speed. I have been planning to upgrade for quite awhile but I hate shopping for a computer. It is nearly as bad as car shopping and about the same as phone shopping. I did spring for a tablet a few months ago and I am happy with that purchase.