questionshow come my coupon code for $5 only come's out to…


Because now the coupon only applies to the subtotal. Email to see if they can adjust the rest for you.


@lichme: I'm not going to really email them, cause I am so happy to have scored a bag at all this week.
But I wanted to ask in case people already know the answer. Why bother the good ol people at Woot


I have used a coupon on a BOC in the past and the $5 was taken off after shipping and tax allowing me to get full value of my coupon. Either they were forced to change or there was a mistake on your order. Honestly I would e-mail service or maybe a staff member can comment here if a change has been made.


@raider9924: I remember a while back that was true. They took the full $5 off and it came out to be free shipping but not true anymore. Again don't wish to email them out of fear that they might make my crap extra crappy.


@simmp5: It seems like the policy has changed, so I agree with you on the basic principle of letting it go, but I had to post because you shouldn't worry about emailing service making your crap crapper. They have nothing to do with packing the BoCs (as far as I know), but moreover, service is totally awesome and I can't imagine them being vindictive.


I found this recently as well. I e-mailed woot and was informed that they do in fact apply the coupon to the sub-total, before shipping. This is the standard, and was not offered to have it apply to the whole order.

I bought a $2 item, and lost out on $3 of the coupon :( oh well, I can't complain, it was a free coupon either way.


@bogie21: Thanks for the information. This must be a recent change as a purchase I made around 1 month ago applied the coupon after tax.


@neuropsychosocial: it sucks that they changed the policy of the way the coupons used to work I liked it way more then what it is now. And as far as the crap, hey you never know, they might email a guy that knows a guy that has a guy on the inside to change the crap from good to bad.


@bogie21: thank you for the very useful information. Now I will think twice about using a coupon when trying to score the elusive box of crayons.


I just have two things to say:

1) Congrats for getting one(after you get it you might wish that you hadn't).

2) Adding a coupon code was a ballsy move. Respect for that. :)


@jsimsace: Thank you. And good luck to you on future attempt's of the elusive Box Of Chocolate. This by the way was not the first time that I was able to snag one with a coupon code. I have been a member of Woot since 2006, missed alot of crap that was offered by Woot, but also snagged a bunch from dear ol Woot.

Edit: Forgot to mention that I also had to log in back into Woot before I purchased it with that coupon code.