questionswhat software can i use to rename a batch of pdf…


If you are using windows, you can highlight all of the files, right click, and rename - they will all get named the same and appended with (1), (2) etc.


Another option would be to use Renamer:

The program is basic, but is fast and easy to use.


I just threw together a quick program (Specifically for PDF Files)

Type what you want the file name to be
Click "Select Folder"
Browse to the folder
All PDF files will be named to what you put in the textbox

IE: Put in MyFile
Your files will come out MyFile-1.pdf, Myfile-2.pdf etc (existing files will be overwritten, make backups if needed) - No install needed


If using Win 7 the ability is already built in.
1. Select all the files you wish to rename (use Shift or Ctrl to select multiple files).
2. Right-click on the first file in the list and select Rename from the context menu.
3. Type a new name for the file, followed by the number 1 in parentheses, then hit Enter.
4. The other files will automatically be given the same name with incremental numbers


I've always used Lupas Rename 2000:

It's a free utility and is actually really full-featured for renaming!


@lichme: I mean this in the highest regard possible. You're a nerd. And an awesome one at that. Personally, since I'm on a Mac, I just write a bash script. I'm guessing that's VB?


If you are into the Adobe Creative Suite, it comes with Adobe Bridge which is a powerful file manipulator, though it's primarily used for images. But there's a 'batch rename' making it very easy to name things in a sequence with several variables.


Here's what you do: Print them all out. Then scan them back in. The scanner will have options to auto-name the files for you! Easy as cake!


Is it sad that my first solution is in lisp?

Second is in bash though...