questionsare you watching the return of the walking dead…


Watching it, but I feel as if they killed off the best of the cast so far, not very many different story lines last season for me.... but hey its still ok I guess.


I'll be watching, but probably tomorrow on dvr. Don't like commercials.


No. I see no need to start now. I'll stay with Once Upon a Time.


Watched some of the marathon today except when my 6 year old would come out and say, ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cool....

So I would have to change the channel to QVC just to get him to go back and play Lego.


Hell yeah! It's like the Superbowl again - brother against brother!!


No : (

I don't have cable so I haven't even seen season 3 just waiting for it to come to Netflix


I"ll dvr it and watch on the weeend.


@kbsig106: That begs the question. My niece allows her 7-year-old to watch this show religiously. "She is very mature for her age and understands it's not real."

I have never seen the show, but just the title tells me it is something even I could not watch without inducing nightmares.

Those here that watch this show -- do you allow your children to watch too? (sorry if I am hijacking the thread)


@bnbsouthworth: I don't have kids, but I would think it was too gory for such a young kid. I would also tend to think the "kids in peril" and "kids using handguns" would give me pause. Plus there are some pretty mature themes aside from the zombies, some of them involving the kids in the show. I wouldn't be comfortable with a young kid watching it.

In regards to the original question, yes, I will definitely be watching. While I am disappointed in some of the directions the show has taken and spend a lot of my time wanting to kick various characters in the head for utter idiocy, I do still enjoy it. I also practically never quit a show once I have started it. I usually ride them to their grave.


@bnbsouthworth: I would NEVER allow my children to watch this show. Their imaginations are too vivid and I'd be up all night dealing with their nightmares. Honestly, I think a little bit of a filter on what our kids watch is good for them. I wish more parents would do it


This has all of the episodes of the Walking Dead including the newest episode :)

Recently canceled our cable and found this.


@bnbsouthworth: I believe it is a bit much for a 6 year old to handle. Yes he completely knows it is a "fictional" TV show but the subject matter and of course the blood/guts is a bit much.

Funny side note, he recently received a leather hat as a gift and I said you'll look like Indiana Jones. He said no, like "Carl from Walking Dead..."


Definitely watching it! Feel a little guilty about not watching the Beatles 50th anniversary special on CBS. Need a TiVo or something so I don't have to make these choices! Might make use of Silentslayer117 suggestion