questionshave the new methods of offering bocs affected…


Aside from the obvious WTF'dness of the last Woot-Off regarding the BOC, I actually had more fun with this past one than I ever have. I feel like the Woot chat really meshed together and worked as a team. We had some good laughs and best of all, the puzzle kept me entertained most of the day. Hell, the scandal kept me entertained most of yesterday too (and the puzzle too of course).

My love for Woot is all healed up and I feel like that past Woot-Off was a turn around from where they've been (I even bought some things).


grrr for disappearing text box after entering a clever comment...will try to recreate.

Honestly, a little. It was easy for me to watch the feeds for a pop up, but I don't have the time or the puzzle solving ability during most days for the games or social network digging.

That said, the BOC is an evolving offering (unless you're a BOCreationist), so I'm sure I'll have a new chance to miss future offerings :)


@capguncowboy: Would you be singing this gushing praise of love for Woot, if the PWTB had decided not to give you a BOC? That was a pretty scathing letter that you wrote.


@capguncowboy: You said: "My love for Woot is all healed up and I feel like that past Woot-Off was a turn around from where they've been (I even bought some things)."

But, of course! :-D You were vindicated on the BOC issue. That is really, really good. As it should have been.

Curious why you feel like woot's done a "'turn around." What was different in their product offerings to you this time? Have you bought woot-off products in the past, or is this new to you? Am asking that because I found their offerings very lackluster. Same deals, offered more than once at the same price.

Am kinda getting off track from my question - I really was referring to the BOC offerings - how so few are offered now. And how that has made my interest wane.


My interest levels during woot-offs are waning not because of the BOC, but instead because of the lackluster deals offered during them. Same old stuff, same old prices. Not to mention with sooo many high dollar items, basic participation seems like a thousand dollar effort. I got one BOC, once. It was a terrible experience and even after being "resolved" from woot, I'm still not all that thrilled with my experience. The map BOC was interesting because it gave me something to do but ended up wasting so much more time than the basic ones offered back in the day.

Just tired of it I suppose.


@gmwhit: I do agree that compared to previous woot-offs, the offerings are very different than they were when I started here 3 years ago. However, I find the new deals refreshing -- it shows that Woot is ever-changing and I think that's a good thing (as long as their core purpose remains the same).

The reason I say my love for Woot is healed up is because they've proven that they haven't forgotten about us after all. I agree that the apology didn't seem as heart felt as it should have been, but I can understand how hard it is to apologize on someone else's behalf and make it sound genuine. They still aim to please (even if it's nearly impossible to please everyone all the time). That BOC was the first I have ever gotten (despite the many near successful attempts), so I'd say the new method (the change I was speaking of) is a breath of fresh air for me as well.

Now that the BOC is out of my system, I can stop trying to hard. Maybe that was my issue all along.


@captainsuperdawg: Huh? Woot-off? Naw - it was all smoke and mirrors. ::cough, cough:: and ::bad reflections:: ;-)


BOC's are a novelty, or a grail, depending on whether you have obtained one or not. I have had 2-3 so for me it is a novelty. For wOOt users who have never had one it is the grail and more should be made available for purchase for people to feel the spinning-wheel, overloaded servers thrill of getting their first BOC. It is one of those things many of the long time members remember - one of the wOOt things we love. Don't just make them available thru tedious and time-consuming puzzles that many of your members cannot spend all their time on.

Besides the issue of BOC's, I loosely follow wOOt-offs of late. I just do not find the interesting deals I use to. The ones I am interested in I find have already purchased on the daily deals.

I hope the spark comes back, and I can once again get excited about wOOt-offs...but then i also wish I was younger, and could fly. It is, what it is.


I will still watch woot-offs as I always have, but I am now no longer interested in the BoC nonsense. Pretty much every BoC I have received has been exactly as described. The BoCs of old with their pallets of awesomeness no longer exist, so the thrill is pretty much gone. Still watch for the occasional good deal, but that's about it.


The treasure map was cute, but being on the east coast and having a job that I have to be semi-alert at early in the morning kept me from playing. The rational and responsible part of my brain kicked in both nights and told me to go to bed. Which I did. I also knew that I did not have to follow the woot-off as closely since I assumed they would not put the final piece of the map up until late. I assumed correctly for once. Which made it bad for woot because I ended up buying nothing. But then again maybe that was because I bought so many things in the August woot-off, where I bought 15 different items (some multiples) over the 2 day period. I do miss the random BOC's throughout the woot-off and the servers crashing and the angst relating to that, it was fun.


I've won either two or three BOCs. The first was exhilarating, because the odds were so poor but I scored one! The second was similar, but less exciting because, well, the BOC really was just crap. And from posted reports, I wasn't alone in thinking it was seriously crappy crap.

With the advent of the 'look here, look there, look everywhere!" BOC and the severely limited number of random site-based BOCs, I pretty much lost all interest in the entire concept. I don't do any social media, and if I did, I still wouldn't care to chase all over the place trying to find a BOC. In addition, the weird objects and low prices of previous woot-offs were what kept me at my computer, making it easier at least to be aware of a BOC offering. Woot-offs are no longer a draw, however, since (as others have noted) it's the same old stuff at the same old prices, which gives me no particular incentive to spend a treasured day off at the computer just in case a BOC shows up.

Pity, that.


Plainly put, the deals aren't what they used to be and the "games" (which will ALWAYS be gamed!) and need to be a Facebook user and stuff is just killing it anymore.....


The lack of incredible deals and bizarre items has had more of an effect. I never got a BOC before this one, so they weren't the biggest draw to me (although I did always try). If the BOC is your main draw, it's possible that they're going to focus on quality over quantity. We'll see.

Also, a bit off topic but: @capguncowboy: you were my hero. I'm a little disappointed.


The thrill has gone from wootoffs. I used to groan and get excited over that little yellow bar popping up at midnight. I have spent my fair share of money on things I liked and things that just wouldn't go away so many of us bought one just to get on with the show. I have gotten a couple BOCs and they are mainly crap but have been worth the money spent. I have received more broken product than useable product. I think this has turned me off lately at trying for the BOC. The wootoffs have been filled with the same old stuff lately. Last year you would see things that had not been up before or at least not put up on woot and then on another woot page before it hit a woot off. I see products bounce between the different woot pages and then show up a couple times in a woot off and then again in the next wootoff all at the same price. Old wootoffs would at least lower the price a significant amount from the original sales price.


I've gotten a few BOCs over the past few years. It was fun and exciting, but I don't think I received much (if anything) that was useful. It was just the thrill of the hunt and the community comments on the message boards that made it worthwhile. I haven't heard of anyone receiving a "letter" or an amazing item in their BOC in a long time which is disappointing. (Have I missed anything?)

I have to agree with what a lot of others have posted here. I'm just not finding the great bargains during the WootOffs that I once found. I WANT to buy something, but I can't find anything worth the money most times. Actually, I haven't found much to tempt me during non-WootOff days, either. Maybe I'm just being a bit more careful with my money, or maybe I've already bought everything I could possibly need.

The map game was fun, but it actually distracted me from shopping. Not good marketing, really. The scattered BOCs over a couple of days was the most interesting variation lately. Just my $0.02.


I think it all depends on the quality of these extremely limited BOCs. If the 400 that were offered (plus the extra 130 or so Woot decided to honor) are great and not the normal ole literal crap, then I will be happy. I know my chances of ever getting one will be minimal if not non-existent, but to know that if I ever did get one it would be awesome? Then that would be okay.

TL;DR- I'll wait to hear what these 400 lucky Wooters receive in their BOCs before I make my decision.


I think the last BOC that was in a Wootoff was in May, there were at least four offerings.

- June they didn't have any at all due to recent site changes(?).
- July was a birthday offering had one like on every social network and someone had like well more than one BOC (a heck of a lot of offerings).
- August was a back to school one that is mostly (if not all) on Facebook (about two to three (?) offerings).
- September is a pirate treasure map crap which didn't do so well the first time around, second time was kind of better (like two offerings-ish).

This months wootoff however was least interesting, as I noticed like the offerings moved from the right side of the website (so much easier to see the previews) to all the way to the bottom. So as I refreshed the main page for clues, I'm completely blinded from the other offerings.

Just my two cents. Great game though, but went off from a bad start and also possibly unfair to those who aren't GIMP savy.


For the first couple of years I was here, I had no chance in hell of getting a BOC (slow computer, slow connection, etc), although I always tried. And I had no interest in most of the items in the woot-offs. I still enjoyed following the woot-offs, and I still do. Don't know why. I have a certain shut-in thing going on. But you're definitely right that the energy has changed, and there is a lot less excitement and it feels like a lot more complaining. The BOCs are only a part of the reason. Personally, I was deliriously happy the year they offered a downloadable greeting card every month. I miss that.


@capguncowboy: Aw, I'm sorry I missed the fun. I made the deliberate decision to stick to my own devices in figuring out the puzzle, and it worked out for me (through some bizzare twist of fate I made it into the so-called Honest 200), but I knew you guys were all probably having a great time (until the DRAMA, at least).


I did not like the idea of playing a game in order to score a hoc, which as I have stated several times I have never done in my almost 8 years. I, too, miss the unique products at great prices, but I have little confidence in a return to that type of deal.


@joshobra: "unfair to those who aren't GIMP savvy"? What, you never used a pair of scissors? ;->
I did the old-fashioned scissors method the first day and used almost equally as old-fashioned Paint the second. Both were equally easy, but I found cutting the pieces out to be faster in the end - I was able to hold up my taped-together map-minus-one-piece to the monitor to get the final letters more quickly than I could have copied and pasted.

As to the original question, I didn't buy a single thing this last Woot-off. I was too busy piecing together the map and finding red herrings. It was fun, but I'd love a peek at the sales stats. I suspect we won't see any more involved games...


@leronis: Initially I was going to print out the map, but putting the map together is time is of the essence. I had some photoshop experience, but GIMP is a whole different UI.

Pretty much this was my work flow (in 10 easy steps!):
1) Drag image to desktop (automatically saves as image file).
2) Open in GIMP (drag to side toolbar).
3) Hit "Shift+O" to for selective color.
4) Click on white area.
5) Hit "CMD+X" to cut white area.
6) Hit "CMD+A" to select all.
7) I had a 1600x1200 blank page set up before hand
8) Then I went to edit --> paste as --> new layer
9) Use move tool to move piece to correct spot and merge all layers with "CMD+M" if necessary.
10) .......deciphering time!

It takes me roughly under a minute to put a piece together on a 24" screen... but I didn't piece the last one together because I knew it would've taken longer so I ended up "predicting" the last piece on the puzzle to complete the link.

But it was really fun indeed without a doubt on Wednesdays game!


I was a little disappointed that they still sold out in under 5 seconds.

Despite this game, the availability per participant was no better than a normal BoC. If they had offered more, as they have in the past, then I think it would have been more reasonable.


For me it has, if you don't have the time to do it you are pretty much out of luck. Now if they listed a full map and you had to dig to get the url that would have been different and would have had people on level ground.,

Woot offs recently have been very lack luster.


I have bought two boc's and have not really been impressed with either (I got a much better one from Daily Steals or some other site). What I have liked about the recent woot-off's is the $5 all day shipping. After unlocking free shipping, there are a lot of great deals. And, there seemed to be more wineries that ship to my state and with the lack of 9% sales tax, I have been stocking up on some nice wine. So, I'd be fine without another boc.


@dmaz: No matter how many we had, it would have sold out in 5 seconds. =P


This is a lot of helpful feedback. :)


I have not been paying attention to woot offs since the new BOC methods have been introduced....I'm a little annoyed at WOOT.


I would follow a woot-off even if they didn't offer a BOC.

"WHAT!?" Yeah, that's right, even if I knew 100% that there would not be a BOC, I would still follow it.

"Why?" It's one of the few times that you get a chance to buy an item you didn't want to buy, then realized after it was gone that you couldn't live with out it.

"Is that it?" Hell no, I enjoy following the woot-offs to catch those items I missed. I miss items often between the multiple sites and woot plus deals. A lot of the good plus deals are sold out before I manage to do my price/quality checks.

"So what, you actually buy items on a woot-off?" Regularly, no, every now and again I'll pick something up. I also spend my time in the deals.woot chat. Goofing off, and avoiding doing any work if I can help it. We have a blast. Especially this last one with the puzzles. I was happy even when they took BOCs away.

The only reason I'm upset with the last woot-off is I missed the damn pirate sword!


A "normal" chance to score a BOC? Count me in. The last few months? Meh. I'll check in if I get a moment.


@joshobra: Copy map piece
Paste into editing program
Change layer mode from Normal to Multiply
Use Move tool


In my opinion, woot is trying too hard to get people to use the social media outlets. Virtually everything related to the boc over the past 6 months or so has been on FB, and, to a lesser extent, Twitter. I'm expecting a boc purchase to require reference to an Amazon buyer's review of the day's woot product next.


@thunderthighs: still, knowing that several thousand chances of getting the goods exist, so to speak, as opposed to 5, or even 200, is the difference between some interest in trying for the score and just writing the boc off as a great part of the fun history of the internet that has become irrelevant. *like woot?


@thunderthighs: and this isn't true, by the way. you could certainly and impractically acquire enough crap to sell an impractically large number of bocs that wouldn't sell out at all. Obviously, that doesn't fit with anyone's business plan, but it definitely is possible.


Yes, because I don't actually buy that much stuff on woot-offs, so pursuit of the BOC was my main reason for following them. It isn't worth it to follow the parade of random offerings without knowing there will be at least one thing in which I am definitely interested.