questionshave you ever thoroughly embarrassed yourself on…


At least your blunder wasn't public, as mine was. Awhile back I mistakenly confused one deal poster of being another one, who had had a spectacular meltdown here, and ripped a bunch of people off. I called out the innocent deal poster in error, in a case of mistaken identity. Since it was publicly aired to start with, by me, I felt that a public apology was appropriate as well. And just for the record, I had been a d.wooter for some time, when this happened, and I was mortified.

You are new here, and have already proven yourself to be an exemplary member of this community. Caring is good, but you have some good will credit too, IMHO.


Oh my, that must have been mortifying. I'm sorry that happened to you!

And thank you for those kind words. I've been thrilled to have found this community, to be honest. I love finding a great deal, it's kind of a rush. And sharing it only makes it better. I'm fairly certain that most of my FB friends are thankful that I've found this venue for sharing as well.


@mamajamerson: no one to blame but myself. Wooters were pretty kind about it too. Wooterville is a pretty nice neighborhood, although scuffles break out, the overall vibe is friendly here. As for you, I wouldn't give that another thought, that's what mods are here for. It'll keep them busy and prevent an accidental removal of an allowed deal, LOL.


Yeah, I once argued a grammatical point on shirt.woot that was incredibly, obviously wrong (on my side). I still brain-cringe at myself every time I think of how I should have known better because it was that obvious and clear cut of a grammar rule. I really, really, really should have known better--and usually do. I try to excuse it away by thinking "oh, I was tired/stressed/out of it that day," but no--I was being plain ol' ignorant. There's no excuse for my getting it wrong in the first place, much less arguing about it. (It was an I/me subject/object agreement thing.)

There's also an incident that I ignited with some wishy-washy volmodding that still shames me, but that's been mostly well-shoved into my braincloset and the door is nearly closed and I'm currently nailing chains and locks across it to keep it shut away so whatever. WHATEVER, I SAY (ooh, mysteriousness!).

Nothing on deals, though. I'm still a goddess on deals. Totally. Yep. Worship me, you fools!


@goldenthorn: I saw what you did. ;-) Not relevant...still, I'm not going to worship you. Yet. Do think your candor is very refreshing!

Have I embarrassed myself here? No doubt. Forgive me, I'm a passionate person. And, sometimes, ill-informed. Or something.


I embarrass myself here almost daily. Whether or not others notice it remains to be seen.


Never. Not a once. Uh-uh.

There was, however, that one time at camp...


I think most of us have had a deal deleted. It's not a big issue, or at least it shouldn't be, especially if you realized (even belatedly) the reason for the deletion.


I did really irritate some people yesterday, though I didn't see it as particularly embarrassing to me (even though they voted my comments deep into the negative range).


@lparsons42: I do loathe negative votes. I have to keep reminding myself, "It's the internet". I'm fairly certain that I take absolutely everything way more personally than I should. I envy those who don't have that tendency.


I'm disappointed. Everyone is being so vague with their 'embarrassing stories', to the point where they aren't even enjoyable. How can I laugh at the misfortune of others like this?

(Embarrassing myself by acting like an asshat)


@abramokids: In order to (hopefully) alleviate your disappointment, I'll share why I am a Big Fat Dope.

In the text of the deal, which I copied and pasted here, it clearly stated "Exclusively for our readers". I doubt they could've made it clearer that it was inappropriate to share the deal on another site. I was simply so excited by 50% off of something that I was going to buy anyway that I paid no heed.


I am sure I have, as a matter of fact I think you need to have done it at least once to get a black triangle.


No, but I'm willing to give it a try... :-P


@natedogg828: Is that how that happened? I was curious as to how I got that thing! giggle


I haven't embarrassed my self on Woot because I don't type very fast and also because you have a couple of minutes to change your mind and delete or edit your post.

In the real world, taking things back is not always a possibility. I'm pretty good a embarrassing myself there.


Once I thought I was wrong, but it turned out I was mistaken...


I've made a few ooopsies, but nothing so screamingly awful. I got the specs wrong on a refurb iPod once. The big thing I've done was buy stuff that didn't turn out to be a good deal at all.


Hell, I've made a fool out of myself more than a few times. Sometimes, I'm surprised I didn't have my account closed because of how heated things got. It definitely teaches you a thing or two though, like making sure that you have all the facts of a deal before calling BS on someone, or the fact that some people, no matter how wrong they are, will never listen to your side of the argument. It is a bit disheartening to see how lowly moderated this place gets at times, but I guess that's why people say 'ignore the idiots'.


@lparsons42: That gun thing? Don't sweat it. Really, don't. It's a topic that's guaranteed to elicit heat, passion, and some nuttiness, no matter how the questions and answers are phrased. It's one of the things I try really, really hard not to comment on. Sometimes I even succeed in not commenting.


@mamajamerson: If it's any consolation, I almost did the same thing last week. I had the deal all set up, ready to hit the [submit] button, and went back to my email just to make sure I had all the details entered correctly.

That's when I noticed the comment that it was a one-use code issued only to subscribers. Dang! Missed a good deal, but also missed being seriously embarrassed.

You are not alone.


I scored a BOC (my first EVER) from @thumperchick, and lost the list of goodies before I could post it! Because of some medical issues my memory pretty much sucks, and all of the goodies were quickly snapped up by family and friends, so I can't even reconstruct a list to post and have been lurking quietly, too embarrassed to participate much.

Shout out to @thumperchick for a wonderful BOC that was greatly appreciated by everyone here! So sorry I couldn't post a list or pictures!


@wilfbrim: I am guilty of that last one as well, here and all across the internet. My favorite (so far) was a Woot-off deal on an assortment of recycled bags. What I received were 10 identical bags in a questionable shade of green and covered with crabs. Ultimately, though, I still won on that one because we've gotten more than $3 worth of laughter out of the "crab bags".


Pffft, saying and doing stupid stuff is ingrained in my nature.

j5 j5

@slydon: That is awesomely bad/wonderful! Which one are you? ;-)


@magic cave: Indeed, it was the gun thing. I don't care that people want to vote down my comments into oblivion for disagreeing with their viewpoint, really. It's just irritating when people ask a question and then don't welcome certain responses to said question.


@lparsons42: but, they didn't ask why you don't carry a gun... So you weren't answering the question at all.


@thumperchick: They asked what gun do you carry, I stated I do not carry one. I was voted down for suggesting that someone would ever consider doing such a thing.


@lparsons42: Not at all. They asked "What kind of gun do you carry?" - Instead of just answering with, "none" or not answering, since you are not in the group that does carry; you challenged with "I don't carry a gun. I don't even own a pistol. Why do you feel I should carry a gun?" - Which wasn't just an answer, or just a question. You could have avoided the entire mess if you'd just answered the question without the accusatory tone, but then you wouldn't have had the opportunity to argue your "guns = fear" point, I guess. Either way - you were downvoted for being rude. Stop trying to make it out to look like you were just minding your own business and people were mean to you.