questionsthank you cbd and raremonkey


Likewise, thanks fellas!


Hear, hear! Pounding on tables and stomping a cane on the floor


@cowboydann Thanks again for another great contest! Always a great time :D

@raremonkey Thank you for the game, was something I almost bought several years ago when I used to play only console so definitely looking forward to playing the game!


I got nothing, but thanks Dann for all the fun so often.


@cowboydann - thanks for the game! I am not sure if it was a @raremonkey, cbd, or @jezebelseven donation, but I do appreciate it.

Fun times


@Cowboydann hasn't sent me any games. I also have yet to try to win one of his contests, though. I think these are interrelated.
Thanks @cowboydann for the fun and games!


I wholly concur with the above, and want to add a thanks to @skippykj for the dual Blobs of Cholesterol. See you all in the ether...


Thanks for the thanks guys, I just wanna make sure everyone gets credit like @okham is doing.

@Jezebelseven: Thanks to you and your man for the games you donated
@SkippyKJ: Thanks for donating Not one, but Two BOC's in the middle of the night for the short raffle. Definitely shook things up in the game.
@Raremonkey: Thanks again for the abundance of games to add to the pile. While I had a lot of games, I'm almost certain all the games you donated were worth just as much as everything I did, so that takes a lot.

And a behind the scenes thank you to @agingdragqueen. We had a troll posting submissions 10 or 15 at a time every few minutes, so we took turns every 10 or 15 minutes cleaning up the submission form. Gotta hand it to them, there were some funny submissions, but ADQ spent a lot of her night checking back in and helping out.

Thanks everyone and I'm glad to hear you all enjoyed the game. Once I figure out what I'm doing to help absorb costs, we can get games rolling again!


Thanks @cowboydann ! Was a lot of fun and the DWC continues to be, gonna try to keep stop by when I get a chance going forward as the room seems to be active all the time, not just during the weekly chat.