questionswhy are there riped deals on the popular page?


Perhaps the new logic doesn't care if it's RIP'd or not. It might just look at the number of votes and views in a particular period of time.


8 RIP'd deals when I just looked about 2 minutes ago. 8 out of the 30 total deals on the popular tab (26.67%)


I think there's a monkey in the works. @OhCheri is having trouble with her deals disappearing from the popular page. I'll bet it's all related.


They are experimenting with "contrary-ism". It's a form of marketing where you hide everything your customers want to buy and prominently display products they can't have.


@lavikinga: I don't think they deleted my deals by accident because no one is replying to my question. Ignoring us seems to be their SOP for anything they don't care to explain.


@ohcheri: They might not be responding because there really IS a mysterious & spooky ghost in the machine for which they have no explanation or way to exorcise.
Or they're being doodyheads because it is International Doodyhead Day.
OR There's one helluva an office party going on, somebody spiked the punch, and people are asleep under their desks.


To immortalize those deals that have fallen before we had chance to take advantage. It's like they are there to mock you.


I am having trouble with getting WOOT to load properly so maybe there is server trouble


@lavikinga: I'm going with answer b: Doodyheads


Not only do we have RIP deals on the front page, it's also apparently impossible to view all of the day's new questions on one page anymore. With the relatively low volume of questions posted, there is no reason for them to be removed from the fresh tab when they become popular.


Because they are walking dead fans. Zombie deals will eat the live deals, making more zombie deals.


@ohcheri: did they take down your questioning of them taking down your deals?


@philosopherott: No, my question is still there. But (of course) no one answered it.


@ohcheri: Question has been answered and it has been confirmed that the algorithm for popular rankings has been adjusted.


RIP'd deals are still on the Popular tab.

Isn't that special? Here are our "popular" deals....Some of which you cannot buy. They're sold out, or otherwise not available. Look all you want, just don't try to purchase. Wasted space? Nah. :-/

But, as I of yesterday they were "checking" into this pesky problem.


Nearly 8:00 AM two days after this question was posted, and there are still 4 RIP'd deals on the popular tab. I've also noticed that the only deals that seem to be turning over on the front page are the first 8-10. The rest of the page seems to include deals that are a day or more older, and it's been this way for several days. Popular questions seem to be messed up, too. I posted one on Wednesday that had received 17 upvotes and 16 responses in a shirt time, yet didn't go "popular" until @robingraves pointed that out the next day. Meanwhile, other questions with few votes and 0-1 responses posted later became "popular" in about 5 hours.

Something is still screwy.


@thunderthighs, @Jumbowoot, Maybe we can pull a few professionals into the mix to help with this question. It is 3 days after the posting of this question and it is still a major issue.


Sigh, 4 on page 1 and 12 on page 2. Valuable space wasted.


Still lots of ripped deals on the popular page...


perhaps deals is RIP and this is the message that we are being given.


I finally got tired of the expired deals on the popular page so I clicked on the link for one of the deals yesterday and it turned out the deal was not RIP but very much alive making Me wonder if the RIP deals are really gone.