questionsdw chat makes me smile. why?



DW Chat is fun! It's also educational. Mcquinn does his homework, CowboyDann leads us in singalongs, and Captainsuperdawg and I teach an anatomy class.

There was even a Steam game giveaway (YAY PVZ)!

I know, I know, you're kicking yourself for not joining us already. Well fear not! Not only is the "official" DWChat every Wednesday, but there are tons of regulars that hang out there at all hours of the day and night.

Come out and play!


@dreamyvelvet: Of course, that's it!! How could I have forgotten that? Catchy lyrics. And, that IS cowboydann in the elevator singing Oh, Suzannah!, right? And dancing...sorta. O_O

It IS always (semi)interesting & (mostly)entertaining. :-D Good people!


because DW is extra-full of WOOT!


Dagnabbit! I missed it once again!! I HAVE to stop getting my days of the week confused!


@lavikinga: just so you know: today is wednesday and chat is tonight. but we do have people there most of the time so drop in anytime.


It's not a smile. It's a reactionary contorsion of my face, often resembling a smile, but simply displaying my hysterical consternation as I am being scarred for life.


@moosezilla: Yeah, I kinda figured that out about a half hour ago.
I had a brief panic when I thought I had a PT appointment this morning AND am supposed to have a freight delivery of hardwood flooring which we have to move off the truck by ourselves.
We finally found the flooring that is supposed to match the color/style/type & align with the rest of the floor we had installed in 3 adjoining room several years ago. Couldn't get a sample, and it's one helluva expensive leap of faith.

Worst case, if it doesn't fit we either break down and run a long T strip between the two open spaces or have it installed in the master bedroom or living room, or order more and do both.

You guys keep your fingers crossed for me. And Hurray! I didn't miss Wednesday night! I feel like Scrooge on Christmas Day. Or maybe Dorothy Gale, because I've been known to hang with flying monkeys, munchkins & furry little dogs.


@dreamyvelvet: Damn you!!!! And I had gone 1 full day staying off the stuff and then you have to drag me back into the swag lifestyle. One of these days I will beat it.....


Right now @gideonfrost is talking about cat barf. Maybe it will get better as the day goes on.


@agingdragqueen: My cat puke stories are classic. I also tell super embarrassing stories about myself.


@gideonfrost: My dog was just entered into the DogShaming Wall of Fame..he likes him some Sharpies I got on sale through Deals.Woot.