questionsdid you notice that today is 10/11/12?


Yes, I did, and 11 years ago my then boyfriend proposed to me, it was 10/11/01.


Only in America. Everywhere else it's 11/10/12.


Yes, I did as well.

And today is also my birthday.


@hackman2007: Well Happy Birthday!!
I love number sequencing. It's one of my favorite things :-)


I hate that we always have to leave off the 20- (or any other century) part of the year. When we could include that part, those were the good times.


It always confuses me when I remember that that was the way I used to express dates. I think the states and maybe just a few other places are the only countries that express the month before the day. The rest of the world does the day first.
It's 11/10/12 in Brazil >_<


@hackman2007: Happy Birthday!! May you have many more! :)


@hackman2007: Congratulations! Mine is tomorrow! Let's party!


@magic cave: Happy Day Before Your Birthday!! :)


I can't wait for 26 months from now when it's 13/14/15.


At 1 pm military time, we'll have it 10/11/12 13:14:15

It will be a great celebration for all


@lmensor: I have friends who got married on 1 January 2010 - 01/02/2010. He jokes that they chose that date so that he would have an easier time remembering his anniversary. He also had great fun telling people that about his numerical palindrome wedding date.


Oh come on. Every day has its own "significance". For example, today, it would've looked funny about 81 minutes after midnight, or to help you out expressing your times correctly: 2012-10-11T01:21:20.


@gt0163c: make your mind up: first of January, or first of February.


@rfsmit: :) They're typical Americans.
I'm the oddball the resists using a number for the month (unless forced) and prefers day first. Or, actually, I prefer year/month/day. That way, as long as you use zeros for single digit months and days, when you do a sort, the dates end up in the right order.


@dupedyetagain: Thanks!

@gt0163c: I think my husband picked that day too so he would remember it! :)


Until the year 2000, my birthday always spelled out the year. I was born on January 9th. So 1/9/99 for example.


Wow, did this ever go off for the OP, I noticed it when I sat at my computer this morning. Thanks anyway. :)


Thanks everyone!

@magic cave: Happy early birthday to you!