questionswhat is a wt tracking number?


Are you sure that it's not a WTF number?


I could turn up a FedEx DT number...

You can try simply googling your tracking number. I know both FedEx &UPS tracking numbers when googled will take you directly to the shipper's website. Keep your fingers crossed and maybe it will show up under someone's somewhere.

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Shipping Method:
Order Tracking
WT__ (random numbers)

When I google it, it says "Your search - WT__ - did not match any documents."

Thanks for answering though!

Edit: When I click on the tracking number from the confirmation page, it just takes me back to the order details screen.


Those big honkin' TVs can't be sent via UPS or FedEx. They have to be sent by a freight carrier.

You can find your tracking here:

Once it's in your area, they should contact you to set up a delivery time.


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If it is anything like the last large, heavy item I ordered, it has been handed to a shipping company, who promptly subcontracted it out to another shipping company, which has no employees and promptly subcontracted the actual delivery out to a couple guys they found on the side of the highway that happened to have a truck. Inspect the box carefully, document the damage, and make damn sure you get your copy of the proof of delivery paperwork.

Thankfully the item itself survived the abuse, because getting anybody to take responsibility was a nightmare. Also, make damn sure you are there for the delivery yourself...don't leave very clear very specific instructions with your roommates not to accept if the box is damaged. That's roommate code for "YOU didn't spend a thousand bucks, so do whatever you want".


@thunderthighs: Does that link work for all WT numbers? I had the exact same problem, when I tried to click on the tracking, it kept cycling back to the same order page. If that link is for all WT numbers, and not just this particular item, could it possibly be added?


@stile99: Possibly for those starting with WT... that may be their tracking prefix. Our drop-ship vendors use various shipping companies. If your tracking link doesn't work from Stuff You Bought, email and they'll help.

Note though that some links take you to the tracking page but don't enter the tracking number for you. That was the case here. I had to copy/paste it.


WT probably is for WOOT Tracking a undecipherable proprietary tracking format.


@thunderthighs: I plugged my weird WT tracking number into the website you gave and it worked! Thanks for the help!