questionsi just wanted to let everyone know about onecco


Thanks for the heads-up! Sorry about your problem...hopefully it will be resolved quickly.


Isn't this the same company that was giving away ipods and a macbook? Didn't you win one l? (Unrelated to this issue; just wondering)


@lichme: No it was me that won the Ipod shuffle and I was pumped and when I finally spent some money on their site they screwed me lol , kinda funny how that works


@jseureau: lol, on that thread about you winning the iPod shuffle, I suspected something stunk. In fact, I asked if you had started receiving spam mail before. Something about their operation just seemed a bit shady to me.

I hope all ends well, but I'm glad I've got that suspicious side every now and again.


@jseureau: Ewww, you even posted a deal for them. Thanks for the heads up.

@moosezilla: Done


@lichme: Lol it's CRAZY right after I posted this I was contacted saying the item has been shipped and I should receive it on Saturday lol thanks deals.woot, I'm sure they wouldn't of done that if I didn't post this


Well the most recent MacBook air they posted was for $899. But sorry to hear you got screwed. I'm not usually a fan of any site that will take your money before confirming your order.

Edit: Glad to see they un-screwed you. Let us know when you actually get it...I'm always curious about the follow up.


@okham: yeah I was told by some lady that works there that they could do it for $750 because they had a lot in stock and they wanted to help a college student out, lol hopefully I just get it and I can be done with this headache


I was going to post in that thread about winning an ipod that it sounded like a scam...
But people seemed so excited I decided to not smash their hopes.


@jseureau: WOW! new or refurb/pre-owned, and how many GB?


@kamikazeken: it was a new shuffle, I'm not sure where I put it


ThunderThighs deleted something they said in this link --

Something about a job listing and not allowing contests?

Seems shady.

You'll have to let everyone know when you receive your macbook, and it's condition!


@grimskull89: Yeah I just got this

Wedit. Image removed.


@jseureau: whistles

Well then... I would probably cancel that order.

Cause apparently they thought they could get the rest of their money through shipping :/

Should also let a mod know, in case they don't see this thread and it disappears behind the questions tomorrow.


So I have found a bunch of deals that they have posted, and below are ones with questionable responses from them, some are just bad customer service, to other people having problems with them or their deals..

Misleading deal--

A fellow wooter's experience with them --

Fellow wooters speculating, experience and problems with them -- all boiled down to a glitch? --

This one seems to show a split personality? Or perhaps two people using the same account --


@grimskull89: I really hope they aren't charging me $117.53, I will report them to every consumer website, BBB and anything else I can think of. This has been such a headache


@jseureau: For a laptop and for that much in shipping... yeah, I would probably do the same.

The only time I have ever come close to paying that much in shipping was when we were trying to buy my current bed frame from CostCo, we rented a truck for a flat fee of $50.


@tt:Where the hell is TT when you need her!


@grimskull89: I just got an email saying that the shipping was on them. I just canceled my debit card anyways and we will see what happens on Saturday


Overnight is pretty steep, especially if the package is for a fragile item. That price they're giving you sounds about right, but why they would pass it on to you instead of just shipping out via regular ground?

Seems pretty sketchy to me.


@thegarageband: they said they are paying for it. I'm just glad my voice was heard, I hate being cheated and I hate being lied to


@jseureau: The plot thickens..

Also, @thegarageband brings up a good point... why only offer expedited shipping and not a slower, low value option?


@jseureau: try using her name instead of initials. it works better.

@thunderthighs: the crew here is requesting your presence. thank you.


I started laughing cause I couldnt figure out how to spell thighs... It's been a long day lol


@moosezilla: You rang?

I read this earlier. @jseureau, I'm sorry about the situation with onecco but I'm not the one that can help here.

@jumbowoot or @thefenst work with many of the retailers you see on the site so they'll be the best ones to get involved if needed.

It also wouldn't hurt to call in @onecco and let them have a chance to make things right.


I've been dealing with more and more companies like this... ACTUALLY, probably 7/10 of the last new companies I've had to deal with have been shady on this level..

OpticsPlanet most recently.. that place is a joke. I won't go into it, just don't shop there. Turtle Beach.. I sent in a headset LAST YEAR in Dec.. They charged me shipping, then sent me back a broken headset. Then after hassles I got that one replaced.. with another broken headset. After hassles they said they'd replace that one.. they outright lied. Long story short I have to get ahold of corporate.

@jseureau I FEEL YOUR PAIN :)


@thunderthighs: here's some of the emails from Carlos

You asked what you can do to complete this transaction.
Here it is:
1. Edit those beautiful reviews you just posted. Now! & After you receive the MacBook, of course.
2. Go to - sign up for these two FREE trials: & doba (please cancel the trials before 30days so you don't get charged by them)




Remember to please go to 1st, not directly to etc. I'll send you the tracking number in a couple min.
I then got the tracking #

They wanted proof that I was a college student and also wanted me to wait a week to get my money back, with no laptop and no $ that's not fair to me. i asked for a manager and there was no manager only Carlos, I was really close to contacting the BBB but we will see what happens on Saturday


The Saga Continues


I'm not in the business of loosing money, as it is the price is already $300 below retail.
Christina was fired because of 'employee dishonesty' made me loose about $25k doing what she was doing.
You say you don't owe me an explanation, but I feel you do. Well… in order to honor this purchase.
I totally understand your point of view, but I ask you to put yourself in my shoes as well.

At this point the money had been pulled out of my account and I was pissed, I don't believe anything they say


lol "loosing" money

that was a c/p right?


@shadowblue42: yeah lol I saw that too, I can't believe this guy has my CC info lol


@drchops: You know... I have heard horrible things about Turtle Beach... usually the quality not the customer service, duly noted though.

@jseureau I think you should have kept those e-mails private still, hard to say the outcome now. That being said, you certainly have the evidence should you wish to push this problem through the correct legal channels to resolve this issue.

Also, you seemed to be trying to help them thrive in this community, strange to see them screw-the-pooch so to speak.


@grimskull89: Yeah I have about 15 more emails those are just my favs, and I liked Onecco because if you look at their site they have some really good deals but I guess that doesn't mater if they don't send the items you ordered lol. Oh well I will post on Saturday to tell y'all if I got the computer


Sorry to hear that you're going through this BS, but something has always felt off with this retailer.


@jseureau: Just a couple of points of information regarding debit cards: refunds made to a debit card generally take 3-5 days to post to your checking account.

Also, if a merchant has received approval from Visa to make a charge to your debit card, cancelling the card does not undo the approval and the charge will still come out of your checking account.


Am I the only wooter who thought every deal -- and contest and offer of freebies -- they posted sounded hinky?


All the more reason to shop with credit cards, not debit cards.


@jseureau: Thanks for the heads up, and I do hope they are sending you what you paid for... or your refund is processed sooner. Good luck.


@jseureau: Wow, so he's forcing you to sign up for trial scamware and to edit reviews before fulfilling an order?

Talk about scam-tastic. I'd go scorched earth on these folk and call up your card company. Unfortunately that means also shopping elsewhere for your computer, but let's be honest, it doesn't look like you're ever going to get it based on those emails.


You should call your credit card company immediately and request a charge back. If you used a debit card, call your bank and see what they can do. Sounds more like this ridiculous POS operation should be reported to law enforcement. @jumbowoot, after seeing the emails posted, can we get these dirtbags banned from posting here?

edit: Also completely disagree with the poster who said those emails should have been kept private. Those emails should be posted frequently and not just here, and probably to a lawyer if you don't get your money back. Let the dbag know his 2 bit operation isn't a private scam shop.


Does anyone else think this sounds kind of like DollarDealsClub? Just the way he said

"Christina was fired because of 'employee dishonesty' made me loose about $25k doing what she was doing."

Reminds me of them


@linuxtrance: haha, I was thinking the same thing

I do think that chick's name was Christina... Man, why do scumbags like this show up here so often.

I'd be damned before I edited any reviews, especially if all you're doing is explaining what they're doing. In fact, I would edit the reviews, but I would be sure to quote the emails from them where they are holding your item hostage in leiu of a better review. Bastards!


@linuxtrance: Exactly! I had the same thought. Next time, we'll find out that Christina tried to commit suicide because of the people on Woot.

The domain name registration doesn't look like a Marshall Jackson Production, though. He's based out of a PO Box in Urbana, IL.


2202 S. Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, California 90007
United States


By the way, the address for the domain name registration is a UPS Store:


@90mcg112: And (323) 825-1226 is their phone number. Just sayn.


@jseureau: Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

We will no longer be accepting deal contributions from Onecco.
We will continue to monitor this thread for any responses from Onecco.

Please keep us posted on the status of this issue via this thread.

All told.