questionswhich light bulb new or old ?


witch lite bolleb noo er uld?


New...the old ones are being phased out by some federal energy act or something. The halt on production of 100 watt incandescent bulbs will be first, followed by 75 watt, then(I think)60 watt. CFL's are the coming change, followed soon by LED's


Get the incandescents. CFL's look like crap and you can't turn them off and on quickly.


@coolphilip04: While many CFL bulbs are unsightly, many are hidden by a shade or globe. There are also CFL's that have the outward appearance of an incandescent because they have a shell around them, and smaller ones for ceiling fans. If you must have incandescents, you had better buy them now and hoard them. They WILL be phased out soon. BTW, I haven't noticed any lag in the CFL's from the off/on switch.


@jsimsace: Not lag, but they burn out quickly if you don't wait for the cool-down period. Lookitup, yo?



A CFL usually has about 7,000 on-off cycles in it. It’s up to you how you use them. Some motion sensor and photo cell fixtures can be particularly hard on CFLs due to their repeated on-off cycling.

First, studies have proven what consumers have been discovering. CFL’s rarely meet their rated life in real world applications. Why? Well they may have been used in the wrong application. But they also depend on being turned on continuously or at least for 4 hours at a time to meet their rated life. If they are on for only 1 hour you get a 20% to 50% reduction in lamp life. If the CFL is used with 5 to 30 minute use cycles like most incandescents, the life is reduced 70% to 85%. That means your 6,000 hour bulb is now lasting 900 hours, less than many incandescent bulbs.


Newer: Vu1 light bulbs look like incandescent bulbs without the mercury vapors of CFLs and they turn on and off instantly with 11,000 hours.

otherwise stock up on incandescents before they are gone


@coolphilip04: Thanks for the links. I'm not trying to get into a pi$$ing match...just saying that the incandescent will not be available in a short time. I scanned your links, and I get your point. I know that two of my CFL's have been on 24/7 for 9 months without a problem. That is probably where the on/off hour factor comes into play. Thanks again for the very useful info!


As I've mentioned elsewhere, when I realized this STUPID law was getting down to the wire, I purchased enough incandescent bulbs to last me for 30 years (or more). Nearly all are 60 watt, with some 150W and some three way bulbs. They were some of the last made at the Ohio GE plant, which made me feel sad to see.

Incandescent bulbs put out a different kind of light from fluorescent. All other considerations aside, including bulb life, if you are afflicted at all with Seasonal Affective Disorder, you will discover quickly that fluorescent bulbs do not help with this. It's the wrong color light, and the wrong wavelengths.

I'm hoping that someone sees the error of their ways before every single plant that made these is completely disassembled. There will ALWAYS be a market for incandescent, but you will discover that (for those that want them) they can only be purchased from Mexico, or China, or...

It's a stupid law.


stocked up on 30 years of light bulbs hahaha


A couple of other little tidbits about the cfls (which I believe are garbage based on personal experience).

They can't be dimmed in a normal dim switch socket.

They take awhile to get to their full light potential.

If you don't get the kind that says daylight, it is actually darker in the room than the same "sized" incandescent.

Many CFLs cannot be put into closed lights, they need air circulation.

On a side note, I thought that they extended the incandescent deadline, because they had some problems with CFL production.


@miquinn: Shame the Vu1's only come in 65W flood equivalent.


after a little further research, I guess I was wrong. They are not extending incandescent production or changing the date, some people are trying to overturn the law.

To prevent problems
•Do not use CFL bulbs in bathrooms, or anywhere they will be turned on and off all day. Frequent powering up and down reduces their life.
•Do not use standard CFL’s in dimmer switches. Low voltage reduces their life
•Three-way lamps are fine, however, as the contacts on the base of CFL bulbs are different from three-way bulbs, and they will not turn on with the low voltage setting.

And here is a link to the new CFL Labels coming out:
super long link to EPA about dimmable switches:


@prosperouscheat: They are just now starting to produce and they are starting with the floods.


When is that stupid ban going into place? I don't know about 30 years, but I too wanna stock up now before there's a run on product.

Coincidentally I just bought some GE Reveal bulbs on Amazon this evening after noticing some lights burned out around the house. I love those bulbs...kinda pricey but highly recommended.


@pinchecat: I purchased a large number of bulbs because I have the means, and the storage to do so. I think that technology will catch up and replace them within five years or so, or else they will go back to permitting them to be used.

The ban goes into effect in 2012. Most stores have already depleted their stock. I simply walked into a local store, and bought all the bulbs on the shelves, which were on sale for little more than cost. I felt bad for the checker, since they insisted that each one had to be rung up separately. It took a quite a while; fortunately, it was a slow time of day.

Wikipedia makes some good points:

It depends on who you talk to on whether there's a ban, but stores have all been racing to rid themselves of stock ahead of time, which means that for you, the consumer, it might as well be a ban.


If you're looking to continue to waste energy and drive up C02 production as well as your electric bill, go right ahead and keep buying incandescent bulbs.

Yes, CFL bulbs will require you to make some changes in your lifestyle. For example, you may have to learn what a lumen is, and why you buy your bulbs not by their power usage, but by the amount of light they give off. You may also have to start buying your bulbs based on the type of off-white color you want in the room.

And, if you REALLY don't like CFL, then look at halogen or LED lighting. Yes, more expensive, but much longer lifetime as well, making even cheaper than CFL.


My concern about all of this is that CFLs aren't really better for the environment than incandescent bulbs. Yes, they use less energy, but tungsten (in the filament of an incandescent bulb) isn't all that toxic, while mercury (the vapor of which is in every commonly available CFL bulb) is highly toxic. There is enouch mercury in a 13W (60W replacement) CFL bulb to poison about 6000 gallons of drinking water.

Check out what you're supposed to do if you break one of these bulbs: open windows, evacuate the area for an hour, wear gloves and use duct tape or the like to get all of the dust, etc. Not safe if you have kids or pets.

So... these bulbs last about 7 years (yeah right, more like 2 years in many applications) and then people toss them in the regular trash, where they go to a landfill and the mercury is leached out into drinking water. How long before this becomes a problem and (legitimately) linked to autism or whatever the PC term for retardation is, etc.?


@shrdlu: I hope this helps: Google 'grow light cfl'.


I have been thinking about switching all of my bulbs to to LED. Any verdict on that? I know it's pricy, but I hear it's worth it in the long run. Cheaper energy wise and brighter.

I have CFL's now and am not a very big fan. Everything has this yellow tint and isn't that bright. I have to tun on 2 to take pics right.
That and I had one burn out and could have started a fire if left on.


@caffeine_dude: Okay, I have to ask. Help with what? I am not sure what you're being helpful with (although I long ago mastered the google search, I don't know that I wanted to do that one).

Other than the enormously emotional and acrimonious debate that's gone on here (and can I say again how sad I find it to see people down voting others comments because they disagree), I don't know that I'd asked a question. I'm aware of all the terrible problems that CFL bulbs will cause. I like incandescent light. There's no current law about what bulbs I'm allowed to use, and I've insured that I don't have to change.

Like the foolishness with corn-based ethanol, or (my biggest hate) "clean" coal, CFLs are not really good for the environment. I'd say to follow the money, but I'm cynical. Then again, you knew that.

BTW, I do vote down comments that are mean, or spammy. To each his own, I suppose.


@shrdlu: Woops maybe I should have said Seasonal Affective Disorder grow lights. I think grow light help with Seasonal Affective Disorder.