questionshas anyone ever read, from beginning to end, theā€¦


Sometimes, it depends on the software and what I am using it for. If I am purchasing for myself, hardly ever. If I am purchasing for a business I always go over it with the owner, usually have the company law staff give it a look over to make sure it is compatible with the intended use.


I've skimmed them a few times, but I have to admit that I've NEVER read every word. Not something to brag about, I'm sure.


never....I am not TOO afraid of agreeing to be part of a Human CENTiPad like poor Kyle.


A few times, but it isn't a frequent habit. Last time I did, it was for Origin, as people were going on and on about how it would spy on you 24/7 if you installed it (and trust us, we saw it in the EULA!) I read that whole thing, and there was one mention of survey stuff that might be done monthly (if that often) I thought I may have had something to worry about, so I read up, and then felt fine.

If it seems to be different than other EULAs, then I'll also take a look (such as the one for GIMP, it's big on the Free Software thing) because sometimes the creators throw a joke in there (how they slipped it past the lawyers, nobody knows)


I have skimmed them at work, looking for a 'this is only free for noncommercial use.'


@falcondeal: funny....I was just watching it when I received the email.


No, sorta like a thread that has a bunch of small posts with one that has a little more meat to it, you just kinda gloss over it and hit submit.

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I have...I'll never get that time back in my life again!


I've tried to. Since starting law school I'm actually more inclined to do so (now that I'd understand most of the legalese), just haven't had to agree to anything in a while. Still feel like it would take WAY too long though. Time could be better spent


I used to need to read them for work, and I was one of a group that would have to sign off (I was technical, there was legal, accounting, and a few others). I hated (and still do) software/hardware T&C the very most, since they so often tried to add in things that should have had nothing to do with the software. Sometimes I would just sit back and laugh. I worked in a secure environment, with a closed network, and [redacted] actually had a part written where the customer was required to provide a phone line into the computer so that they could dial in and fix things, if necessary. Uh, no, maybe not, but thanks for the offer.

There are always the weasel words of how nothing is ever their fault, and the software is provided as is, until you wonder why they even bother.

As others have mentioned, I also scanned any T&C for things like restrictions to non-commercial use, or specific caveats against gov't use.



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Old habits die hard. I still read them. It's kept me from the occasional harm, and I've called up companies to ask them about a specific entry. Sometimes they'll offer to change it, but usually they just say something like "Oh, that doesn't really mean that. You can ignore it." Oh, right. Sure. Of course.

I usually ask them to send me that in writing. No one ever does.

Recently I read about how, if I used a certain bank's online banking, and there wasn't enough activity, that they would begin charging a fee. They said that they'd never done it yet, those words were there just in case they needed to, down the road. I'm sure you're surprised to hear that I declined to use their online banking.

Yeah, I read them. I know, I'm weird, but then, you knew that already, right?


Eyup. Same with employment contracts. Especially those, actually.


I only read the ones that I think I may have violated to make sure I am safe. Other than that never. I did read my cell ToC.


Occasionally, especially any apple based agreement after seeing the southpark episode.

read my divorce decree from start to finish, 11 pages of yummy goodness.

I have read some of the microsoft aups from start to finish because they always are tricky about how many times you can install it, and I work for a company as an IT person, and wanted to be able to properly advise how many times they can install it


I think I read the entire TOU for my first Windows95 installation many many years ago. I can't say that I've done that much since.

I did read the entire contract for both new cars I have bought.


Never have and don't plan on starting now. I've made it this far just fine.


I have a few times.. I forgot which ones though specifically.. but I usually read the ToS of like half of all the contests I enter.

I definitely read the ToS in contracts though (cell phones, television, etc).

They should make like a summarized version of it.

Would suck if they had to quiz you before you hit agree.