questionsdo you feel it is ok to "subscribe and save" at…


If they allow it, then it's okay. I have no moral issues using the system they put in place to save me money. Also, they canceled one of my S&S items after only one shipment (it went out of stock), so they don't have a problem with it either.


Personally, I have never done it. Have read that many do it all the time and there's no problem w/it. I don't want to have to 'remember' to cancel. Short answer: Yes, I think it's "ok." ;-)


I don't see anything wrong with it. In fact, Amazon really gives no incentive to stay signed up for it (except convenience), since they do not guarantee the price stays the same when you sign up. Each time they get ready to send it to you, they charge you the current price.

I stay signed up for some of my canned cat food, but the dry food I sign up for then cancel, since I don't really need it on a schedule and sometimes I get it on sale or with a coupon at the store.


Yep, It's a loop hole they could easily close. They're banking on you either wanting multiple shipments or forgetting to cancel if they want to play that game that's fine with me.


@caron7 You don't actually feel sorry for amazon, do you? Because there is no need for it: they are way too profitable to feel for 'em ;)

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I am betting that Amazon has mountains of data and research to tell them exactly the most profitable way to sell anything that they do. Their system is setup (loopholes and all) knowing exactly what the results will be.

This is not the local mom and pop store that forgot to say "no copies accepted" or "limit one" or they forgot an expiration date on their coupons. For those, I feel sorry and feel a moral obligation to not take advantage.


If there's a coupon involved the only way to use it is with a new S&S subscription, so sometimes I have to sign up for something I'm already subscribed to, and then cancel one of them.

I'm not consistent with my product use so I usually subscribe to things on a 6 month schedule and then either ask for extra shipments when I need them or cancel if I don't want it anymore.


If it's something I don't think I will want a second shipment of, I usually just set it to the longest setting (six months I think) and then cancel it when they send me the reminder.

After all, you never know, you may indeed need a second shipment. Also, I have had them cancel on me more often than I've cancelled on them so far.


Slightly OT: I just ran into a Subscribe and Save offer a few days ago that only had a 5% discount. I was previously under the impression that the S&S discount was always 15%, but after checking the S&S program details, it appears the discount can be anywhere from 5% to 15%. I don't know if this is something new or if this is how it has always been.

The product that I ran into that now has the 5% discount, previously had a 15% discount. So, as a S&S customer, that's something to keep an eye on as well.


I don't have a problem with canceling but I believe the best way is not to cancel.

When I sign up for any subscribe and save item I know that I can cancel a new order before it ships. That way when I get an email letting me know the new order is due to ship I can check prices elsewhere. If I find a better price, and I need the item, I purchase it from the other place and I cancel the order before Amazon ships it. If Amazon still has the best price I let the order ship.

I keep the subscribe and save item active so next time it gets ready to ship I can do the same thing I did before.


I don't usually cancel. They email you about a week before your next shipment is due, with the option to "skip" it. I do that a lot, and for several things have done it every time after the first order. It's the same effect as cancelling, I suppose, but leaves me the option to get it again at that price in the future if I decide to. I see nothing wrong with either way, since they don't prohibit it.

ETA: Yeah, what jnissel said! :-)


Yeah, what reginafilangee said. ;-)


I third, fourth, fifth, etc. the above comments about "if Amazon allows it, it's okay, because they have data and research indicating it's worth their while overall" and "stay subscribed, since you can always cancel impending shipments."

Perhaps more usefully, I can add that a few months ago I got a survey request from Amazon asking about possible changes to their subscribe and save program. A couple of the questions were about how you as a customer would respond to variations such as "if you stay subscribed, your 2nd shipment gets an additional 5% discount." So they're clearly thinking of ways to tinker with it.


Wait - some of you (@reginafilangee: , etc.) seem to be saying this locks in your price with Amazon. I have not found this to be the case. I used this for dog treats for awhile, since I would run out of them before I thought to reorder, but they were shipped at various prices. First 2 shipments at $21.66 and the last 2 at $23.04. If they locked in the price, I would definitely stay subscribed.

Also just learned that prime shipping is not applied to subscribe and save orders. Just free standard shipping.

edit: just checked the rules: The discount you receive for each order will be calculated off the price for the item on the day each order is placed. Therefore, if the price of the item increases or decreases, the amount you are charged may also increase or decrease.


I can promise (and copy email history if needed) that the Subscribe and Save program does not lock in your price. I've had my son's diapers on subscribe and save for the past year or so - it's very convenient as the only B&M store to sell them is Target and they are often out of stock which forces me to drive around Dallas to another store once I've verified their inventory.

Would I feel bad cancelling immediately? Nope. To get a decent deal I'd do it. Until Amazon eliminated the extra 10% with the Subscribe and Save plus the Amazon Mom discount on diapers I couldn't beat Amazon's prices. Now... meh. I'd subscribe and cancel in a heartbeat if it was worth my time. :|


It cancels our Prime, so I try not to use it too much. I like my speedy shipping. I don't think there's any problem with canceling it right away though, they allow it, so it's not like you're exploiting the system.


Never done it but I dont see the problem. Its not cheating the system.


To those of you who are concerned that it doesn't allow you to use your Amazon Prime for your Subscribe and Save order...If you know you are going to run out of one of your Subscribe and Save items you can always ask for an extra shipment. That way it doesn't matter if it takes an extra few days to get to you.


@oddlyjen: Sounds like you've got a sensitive skin boy there, with specific diapering requirements! Good luck! Do check, where the prices can be better than Amazon Mom. They always seem to have some sort of special - $10 off your first order, $10 off your next order if you buy Huggies, etc.


The one time I placed an order & subscribe, the deal was get 15% off on future deliveries. The first order included free 'Prime' shipping. When the second order was due, I was notified in advance and the shipper had added an exorbitant shipping charge which far exceeded the15% savings. There was no mention that shipping charges would apply to all future deliveries when I signed up. Needless to say, I canceled immediately. Dirty pool, I say. Watch out!