questionsdid anyone else order the manure from that other…


I wrote them to express my delay at missing out on the refurb ostriches and to ask if they expected more in stock before this time next year.

The very idea of a refurb ostrich struck me as the most clever April 1 item I saw anywhere.


Yes indeedy. Though I'm unlikely to STINKYMONKEY it up tomorrow.

Edit: 'twas the free manure I ordered.


I ordered the manure and got the email with the coupon code. Thanks for the reminder. I will watch for tomorrow's sale just in case. I've ordered a good bit from Tanga in the past. Hopefully they will offer something good while the coupon code is still valid.


Could someone PM with the contents of the email? I bought it but i forgot to update my email on the account so I didn't receive anything. =/


Not yet. I got the order acknowledgement, but not the oversold one.


Ordered the manure also and got the discount email!


I got my tracking number yesterday. Is this the wrong place to brag? ;-)


Well, I haven't got a "so sorry" email yet, and I do have a tracking number:


That doesn't necessarily mean I get a BOC. They could still run out at the end there and send me a "so sorry" later. Give my luck with BOCs, that is what I would expect.


Here are today's Tanga deals for those of you looking to use that coupon:

The Vasque shoes are a really good deal. Great reviews on Amazon and much lower prices here.


@ceagee: Thanks. Sadly though I don't think theres much I want of todays deals lol.


@omnichad and @wilfbrim : I am totally jealous ! Tracking numbers. Please let us know when your manure arrives !