questionswhat will the apple tv do that you can't get with…


If every other Apple product is any indication, it won't do anything that can't already be done, but it will look a lot nicer and will have a cleaner UI.

Edit: That sounds a bit like flamebait... What I mean to say is that it won't be adding any revolutionary features, but it should be basically a cleaned up version of most TVs on the market today


Ease of use is Apple's unofficial motto. Just like phones, the Droid is certainly capable of doing more, but it was the iPhone that got my mother to figure out how to use email (she still can't check it on a desktop computer). The new Apple TV set will most likely just have the same key features that internet enabled tvs and components already have, like streaming movies, access to sports packages, sharing pictures, etc - but it will be in a more cohesive package. I can do all of those things from my blu-ray player, but my parents aren't even sure what a blu-ray is - but I bet with about 15min on a new Apple TV, they'd be streaming away.


On the downside, it will cost twice what comparable sets cost and only allow you to access content sold through the iTunes store.