questionsdo you know the secret to a long life?


I'm sure if we looked at a chart of life expenctancy and bacon consumption over the past 500 years, we'd see a trend.


Having long lived ancestors. When they poll people who have lived a long time, they often give conflicting answers. Heredity seems to play a more important role in lifespan than lifestyle does. Interestingly, there's been an effort to extend the lifespan of Great Danes by tracking longevity. Great Danes and other giant breed dogs have a very short average lifespan, usually 7-8 years. The problem with breeding for longevity is that by the time you know you have a dog with an exceptionally long life span, they are too old to breed. So someone was working on a database of AKC registered danes trying to compile data on all the registered danes who died of natural causes so they could track longevity on a bloodline basis and look at breeding for it. I have only rescues, so I can't contribute, which is sad because my danes generally live to 12 or 13.


I always assumed laughter.


@moondrake: The canine version of the Howard Families?


You could tell me, but I'd have to kill you. No wait you would have to kill me. NO! You'd have to kill yourself. Oh, never mind.


Not walking through bad neighborhoods in Chicago with hundred dollar bills hanging out of your pockets.


Not answering stupid questions. OOPS...


Some people have smoked for decades and haven't lost a lighter.

So clearly, there is no 1 size fits all answer.

That said, pass the bacon.


Birthdays. It has been scientifically proven that people that have the most birthdays live the longest.


42.... No, wait! What was the question?


@eraten: Longer life as bacon consumption increased. Yay fat go sodium rah rah rah .


Nope. I have no answer to the question to the 'secret' of a long life. My maternal grandfather lived to be 95 (almost 96). He ate all the wrong foods, drank, smoked a pipe, etc. Made & drank his own wine; also had a shot of whiskey in his morning coffee. Per 'today's' standards, he did everything wrong. His daughter, my mother, died at 92. Long, long lives.

IMO, there is no secret. And yes, genetics/heredity can, or might, have an impact on how long you live. What you eat & do, may or may not have a factor in your life span. Crap shoot, IMO.

My (totally unsolicited) advice, Live your life as you wish. Search to find out what makes YOU happy. Then do that. Laugh a lot. Do not harm others in any way.

You may live longer. Or you could die tomorrow. <--- or the next day. Just live and enjoy. (Oh crap! Was that ever sappy? Well-intended, for what that's worth.)


The more you complain the longer God makes you live.

So, I should be good for a while.


I am attempting to eat as many preservatives as possible in order to preserve myself as long as possible.


@hossdawg97: So called bad food varies from person to person. Don't assume that bad stuff will hurt You but some chemicals are toxic and cumulative avoid Formaldehyde, Aspartame, Lead, Mercury.


@mybestuser1: avoid Formaldehyde, Aspartame, Lead, Mercury.

Dammit, leave my breakfast out of this.


@stile99: Are you a space alien or from another dimension trying to take over our world. i.e. different nutritional requirements.


George Burns said the secret to long life was to live to be 100. Very few people die after they are 100.


As others have said.. One person may be okay from eating bacon every day but surely not everyone can do that and be completely fine. Generally speaking it's not good for you. Actually eating healthy and exercising will give you the greatest chance of living longer, but that doesn't necessarily mean it will happen of course.