questionshas anyone ever bought one of those zombie…


Heh. The aforementioned kit is actually at the top of the popular page right now.



I thought mine was worth the $25 I paid for mine. It had a lot of dollar store items, a couple of <$1 items (like a hazard bag and a single twinkie) and some higher priced stuff like a shuriken, the duffel bag, and that machete (mine had a sweet hilt that my sister's did not have). The products may not come out to the full price if you bought them individually, but the enjoyment of looking at all of the ridiculous stuff pays for it. Also, before I go, that machete is really sharp. So sharp that in the shipping process it cut through the sheath it was in and the duffel bag, and when my sister unsheathed hers, it cut her finger.


@mokel22: Ouch! So clearly it's not a low quality weapon. Probably not the highest, but apparently not cheap either.


It's fun as a novelty item, but I would never use this as a "just in case" survival kit. If you actually wanted a survival kit, build it yourself. You can get most of the products for a very low cost. If you just want it for fun, then go for it.

Survival kit basic material:

- solid full-tang knife like a Kabar 4-5 inches long
- knife sharpener such as the Smith's PP1
- 50' of 550 paracord
- duct tape
- first aid kit (hiker's kit would be good, but you may need to buy a few other things)
- flint steel (Light My Fire Scout 2.0)
- head lamp (I like the Petzl Tikka 2)
- micro-fiber towel
- thermal blanket
- water sanitation pump / chemical purifiers (some better than others)
- waterproof matches

Just to name a few things... Oh, and you should learn how to use it all, or let me know where you live so I'll be able to replenish supplies. ;)


No, mostly because I don't plan on surviving. Good luck to everyone else though.


If I could afford it right now I probably would. However I already have my own. just remember rule #6 Get up the stairs and then destroy them.