questionsdo you know that deals.woot's front page is…


Yep...just noticed it myself.


So, what's the difference between "top" and "popular"?


@magic cave: One only uses 3 letters....Sorry.


Eh, I'm immune to most change, even embracing most over time.
Except Windows 8- it's just bad. :)


Oh, this I like! Grouping things into days, and hiding all the dead deals - excellent.


I finally actually looked at it. The "Top" tab isn't the same thing as it was before, even though it has the same name. It seems as though it's an answer to folks who don't want to see expired deals. I like it. Today, Yesterday, and Whammy!

Whammy! is my official favorite. Not because of what it contains, but because it's FUNNY!!! About time Deals got some funny back, you know?

Thanks for not doing this on the Questions side, developer dudes.

Sometimes change is good. This is one of those times.

Props to @josefresno and the team.


I like the idea, but there is so much empty white space. It looks really badly put together. Needs centered words, or a graphic, or even a nice long "______________" to fill the void.


I like Whammy! ! To note: one exclamation mark goes w/ Whammy! the other is mine. ;-)

It makes me think of "The Whammer" a fictional baseball player in the movie "The Natural" .
Of course Roy Hobbs struck him out. So the metaphor doesn't work, it just made me think of that.
I love that movie !


I like this. Definitely a great step in the right direction, but I'll need time to play with it to see if it helps as much as it looks like it will.


Whammy! just reminds me of the 80's game show "Press Your Luck" which had Whammies on their big board. Fun then, and fun now. I like it!


The new changes sure save a lot of time. I love the fact that I don't need to look at expired deals anymore. That just made me angry.