questionswhich tv's should i stay away from this weekend?


It may not have bells nor whistles, but I haven't yet seen a Vizio with a bad screen on it. Actually, I have the ad right in front of me. That Vizio is 1080p, LED, and 120Hz.


I would suggest staying away from any TVs tonight if you are a Cowboys or Jets fan. :(


I was eyeing the same deal myself.

I went to Walmart over 2 hours before the 10PM release, and the employees said we were too late. I looked puzzled at the employee and said, "How!?" Apparently they only had NINE in stock, and there were already more than nine people waiting in line. So much for being a SUPER Walmart...

I know my response is late to your question, but I'm hoping it can be a reassurance that your time is more valuable than the deal (I'm assuming) and that you should be happy knowing you didn't waste your time driving to your local Walmart, driving around looking for non-existant parking spaces only to find out there were simply not enough in stock.

NINE!? Really!? Not even a nice even 10?