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I think you should definitely make the trek if you have time. (I heard a rumor that the new head of DW has some really spiffy transportation at his disposal; perhaps he could be persuaded to send a chauffered at-at for a highly valued wootizen?)

You should take LOTS of pictures. Lots. People, offices, cubicles, elevators, loading docks, whatever you get to see. Maybe those dark little warehouse corners where BOC's used to be assembled?

Edit: re: "trek" Sorry. Wrong movie. I get confused easily some days.


If you have time, why not? I would if I was in that position. I think they prefer a courtesy call to let them know that you are going to be was free previously, but they might need to set up pay gates these days. ;) Have fun!


@belyndag: Is this conference part of the things you have wanted to talk about here at AtC, but were afraid you would get shot down by the TPTB and their new policies? Perhaps you can sneak in an update and no one will notice. Inquiring minds want to know.


@barnabee: LOL! No, this wasn't it. But I supposed I COULD use this opportunity to hijack my own question and sneak in that topic. Maybe in a bit.

Actually, I will be speaking about workplace challenges for those with AD/HD and related issues. It's funnier than it sounds. Well, I hope it will be. If any Wootizens have AD/HD or have family members with AD/HD, I would be delighted to see them at the Conference.


@belyndag: Well, shucks. I thought maybe you have a new position as a motivational speaker, who gets paid $100,000, make that $200,000 a gig. I was going to borrow some money ;)


@barnabee: Oh, if only! How cool would THAT be?! I would cheerfully loan you some money to buy more Woot stuff if I could score $200K for my presentation! Actually, I will be lucky if they get around to reimbursing me for even part of my travel expenses. (And I'd better get that reimbursement BEFORE they hear me speak!)

BTW, I have now been officially retired for 13 months. Today I got a call from a pretty big local company asking me to come in TOMORROW and interview for their HRD position. That means that I have to get up in the morning and, as my mother says, put my teeth in. In other words, put on some war paint, brush my hair, and wear grown-up clothes. I hope I remember how to!


@belyndag: Wow, great news about your job interview. Good luck, tomorrow! Um, do you really want to be unretired? I mean, that sounds like a four letter word--WORK.


just remember that they guy in the BLACK armor is the one you want to slice with your lightsaber. Restore balance to the force, you must.


@barnabee: I hope not. The only motivational speaker I ever cared for lived in a van down by the river before he passed away. RIP Chris Farley.


@belyndag: I have had ADHD since I was a child and adjusting was an incredible struggle. I wish I could attend that conference. I know your son has ADHD but how did you come to be speaking at conferences? just curious. Did his struggle start your interest in helping others?

I know we've discussed this before so I'll give a link to it :-)


@barnabee: I know! Seriously! OTOH, I am running out of closets to clean, want any excuse not to tackle the attic, and have a closet full of clothes with no place to wear them! (Also, even DH says that I don't seem as "sharp" as I did when I was working full time.)

My big life change that I wanted to talk about is that my son with ADHHHHHHHD, anxiety, depression, some OCD, dysgraphia and Aspergers Syndrome has moved into a dorm at a college an hour and a half from home. WOW! At 28 he is one of the oldest "kids" in the dorm, but so far he has found some fellow nerds to hang with and is doing surprisingly well. (Prayers and positive thoughts will be appreciated.)


@kamikazeken: LOL! My son would be especially proud of your comment. He is an expert in all things Star Wars. He moderates two different forums that include in depth discussions of such things as "How tall was Yoda?"

And I suppose I can ignore the guys in the WHITE armor, since they can't seem to hit anything when they shoot, anyway.


@belyndag: Good luck on the interview!

Edit: And BIG congratulations to both you and your son on his dorm residency! (My son went back to school at age 26 -- to a seriously rich-kids school where he was the one and only older student. It was an interesting time for him.)


@nmchapma: I had forgotten that discussion, but looking back I see that you and I both posted a large number of comments.

I told some of the story of my son in that thread and won't go back over it again, but it was, indeed, his challenges that got me directly involved in the disability community (although I have always been a "joiner"). It turns out that there is a great need for folks to volunteer (surprised?) and once you raise your hand and offer, every group in the area seems to know your name. After running my local support group for a few years I was asked to join the national Board of Directors for CHADD which was an incredible experience. I received training in media relations, diversity, strategic planning (before we ever tackled that locally) and got to meet many of my heroes. (Some people get all excited saying "I saw George Clooney at Whole Foods!" I always respond, "I had lunch with Russell Barkley!"). I started speaking at local and state events and it grew from there.


@nmchapma: I ran out of room, but wanted to add that I initially spoke on parent/teacher communication issues (from personal experience), and other topics as requested. For most things I do a lot of research and take advantage of my contacts, then just present what the experts have published. I haven't entirely gotten over my stage fright, but I am better.

Since I worked in HR for so long, a few years ago I started tackling topics regarding disabilities in the workplace. Some of our very best employees were brought to us by our Vocational Rehabilitation agency. My soapbox is that more employers should look at their local disability community for recruiting.

BTW, our national conference will be in DC in October if anyone is interested. I always like to say that if you don't have ADHD when you get there, you will by the time you leave. An incredibly hyper conference!


@belyndag: Depending on the dates I may be interested. Especially since the Amtrak makes regular trips. Is there a schedule yet?


ONLY if you have a pitchfork and you are holding a burning torch.......


@nmchapma: The Conference Hotel is in Crystal City, VA. Here is the website:

That page includes a link to the tentative program. The Conference will be November 7-9 (additional pre-Conference sessions are scheduled before the main sessions begin). Let me know if you plan to attend! I would love to put a face with the name!


@mkentosh: Sorry. I will be flying in to Dallas and the TSA folks sort of frown on pitchforks and torches in your carry-ons.


@belyndag: This is great news about your son. I wish him the best. But who is going to mow your yard?


@barnabee: LOL! That's why DH is looking at downsizing to a condo! He suddenly realized that we need to cut almost an acre of yard!


@belyndag: Depending on when you will be here and if I am in town I might be able to come get you. I will send you my information.


@magic cave: Is there a new head of DW that replaced me that I don't know about?


@belyndag: GOATS! Rent goats for lawn-eating services. Usually fairly inexpensive, and the owners don't generally charge extra for the left-over fertilizer.


@magic cave: LOL! That would have been a lot more fun a few years ago when both of my border collies were alive and well. Now that I only have one aging one with heart problems, I fear I would have to do the herding by myself.


@prettywootprincess: Yippee! I fly into DFW on Friday, 9/20 about 11:00. I will be staying at the Sheraton Dallas on North Olive. If it works out and I can get a tour, and put some faces to some of the woot staffers we know and love, that would be awesome!

If it doesn't work out, that's ok. If I do things as I usually do, I will wait until that day to finish writing my presentation. (Or the next day. After all I don't give it until 3:00, so why rush, right?)


@belyndag: I am able to come get you! You still want to hang with us? Did you get my email?


@prettywootprincess: Awesome! I did get your email, but had no idea you had a REAL name! (Other than prettywootprincess, of course.)

I would love to come see where the magic happens. My flight lands around 11:00 so I should be all checked in to my hotel and ready to go a-Wooting any time Friday afternoon. Does that work for you folks?


@magic cave, @jsimsace, @barnabee, @kamikazeken, @zippy the pinhead, @nmchapma, @mkentosh, and @kbsig106 and anyone else still following this topic: Maybe I should post a new question or something, but for now I'll just stick to this one.

Looks as though I WILL be visiting Woot HQ in Dallas this Friday!! WooHoo! Who and what should I try to see? I forget who is located in Dallas, but I would certainly like to see some of our staff folks and their digs.

Anything or anyone in particular you want me to see and report back?


@belyndag: Thanks for the tag...I subscribed. How about lots of pictures, maybe with user names? Have a great time!


@jsimsace: LOL! It's going to be fun trying to explain to my NON-Wootizen friends and colleagues why I'm skipping out on any conference get-togethers Friday afternoon to visit a bunch of folks I only know by usernames.


@belyndag: hey sent you another email let me know if that sounds like a plan.


@prettywootprincess: Absolutely! I replied and sent you my cell phone number in case we have a tough time meeting up. May I post info about our plans?