questionshave you seen woot's postcard collection?


@agingdragqueen: I totally want your monkey bag. That is awesome!

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@agingdragqueen: Did you ever find them? Or do I start crying now?


So I have special ordered a few from the very first building built in our city which will come in tomorrow and I am going to swing by the Cal State school in our city tomorrow for some more.


Mine went in the mail on the 10th; I hope you get it soon!


oooo, someone sent a postcard of the man.

greetings fellow burner!


@agingdragqueen: I hope they turn up, I'll be disappointed if they got lost. I wrote something on all of them, and it took a while, lol!~ Hopefully, they are hiding in the mail room somewhere :)


I have to remember to buy some postcards while I'm on vacation.
Haven't seen any as exciting as those.


@baybei: oh man, yeah, I woulda seen that. I'll ask them in the mailroom tomorrow.


@agingdragqueen: A couple weeks ago now. They would have been in a star print padded envelope. I had a bunch of pictures I had printed out, and then some postcards and I tucked them all in a photo envelope from Walgreens...before I stuffed them in a star print padded envelope from the Post Office. The guy was laughing at me for asking to mark it "Do not bend" because there were so many pictures in there, there was no way to bend it! In fact, I believe they should have been delivered this past Saturday...


Hmm, I see a bunch, but I don't see mine. Did you not get around to taking pictures of the tons of pictures and several postcards I sent yet? Worse yet, did they not arrive!?!


@moosezilla: if you keep scrolling and scrolling, more should continue to load- if not let me know and I can try to troubleshoot with you.


can someone help me out? i click the link and look. i see several, however i know that the night they were being posted i saw some other ones up. is there a multi-page set up or something i'm not seeing?


I'll do my best, but postcards here in the boonies are pretty much nil. I'll try harder!


Saw mine :) I sent one to each office, so no one would feel left out. Glad you enjoyed.


@agingdragqueen: I am envious every time I walk by that bag. :D SO cool.


@gwendyw: yes! I got all of it! And I feel awful, at the time I was too busy to personally thank you and then I lost track of everything I was doing. So, here's a very small thank you thank you thank you!

For everyone else, look in awe at what this lovely woman is capable of making:

A bag... made out of our bags! Mind blown. We have it hanging up where everyone who walks by can see it. We absolutely love it!


Wow really....what idiot would send you a TMNT postcard? I mean this is a place of business! Really the audacity of some people! What was that idiot thinking! :)


I have got to send mine in this week, I too got caught up in the Wootizen BOC


@agingdragqueen: Hopefully your postcard came in a box with a monkey mailbag...if not, you need to put some hurt on your mailroom!


As soon as I figure out where to buy a postcard around here I'll be sending one.


Thanks for sharing! I was wondering how many you received, I just sent mine on Monday :)


That's really neat!

(I'm hoping if I kiss up enough that I can help arrange the postcards after we move on the new wall.)


Thanks for posting! I got caught up in family drama and the Wootizen BOC exchange and never sent mine. Now I am inspired!