questionsare there any blu-ray players with more features…


Not that I've found :(
BD players may play DVDs but thats about it, all the nice features we had with most DVD players are gone. Because of this I use both a DVD and BD player hooked to my TV, the BDP only plays BDs and the DVD player only DVDs.
The only BD player that I tried that had decent DVD functions was a Oppo BDP-80 but it was $300 at the time(and used still about that price) and I just couldn't justify the price.
Personally I use Sony DVD players and Panasonic BD players, don't care much for Sony BD players.


I have a Sony 5 disc DVD player and a good LG BD player. I used to have a Sony BD player but it was the worst player that I have ever had(BDP-BX2)


My suggestion would be to pick up a refurb ps3, even if you don't use it for gaming. It has all those features, and access to many online movie services.


I can't understand how Sony that use to make feature rich DVD players makes such bare bones BD players......Not only do they have limited features but IMO they aren't very clear when playing DVDs! My Panasonic BD players are noticeable clearer when playing DVDs, it's almost like Sony(the inventor of the BD format) wanted DVDs to look so poor next to BDs that people would be tempted to replace all their DVDs with they wouldn't do that would they..........


@okham: Are you sure PS3 has a 30-second rewind? I've never found it.


@samstag: there is a quick jump forward and reverse when you call up the screen menu with the triangle key. I think the remote has a dedicated button, too, but I haven't spent the money on it.


@okham: Thanks I'll give that a shot. My DVR has 30 second forward skip and 7 second reverse skip and I get so used to using it to skip back to rewatch something I didn't hear right that I try to skip back during a bluray movie and end going back to the beginning of a chapter.


Thanks for the answers even if there are few solutions.