questionswhat happened to voting on the sponsored deals??


Poof...away goes the voting. I just noticed it myself.


All paid deals are awesome now.


One less reason to visit deals.woot. Advertisers don't like downvotes, but the woot community can't easily tell if the deal is any good or not without being able to view the community's opinion.


wasn't that way this morning!
@ROGETRAY can you comment?


I was just about to ask the same question... where is the voting? Isn't that 90% of what WOOT is about?


@the550cordshop: coincidentally 90% of woot isn't about what it was about anymore.


@spacezorro: I think i understand that....scary. So there is only 10% left of the 90% of what WOOT use to be all about.


@djp519: People can still express their opinions of the products under comments...for now. I think they should simply have eliminated downvoting across all deals. Don;t like a product, don;t vote for it. Hate a product, say do under comments. But I guess eliminated voting at all gives them control over the positions that ads are in so they can charge extra for the 1st slot.


Voting is still possible via the detail page, as j5 noted.

Personally, my thoughts were: they aren't community deals, so it was a little weird to vote on them. Which is to say, confusing sponsored deals and real, solid community deals was odd.

We're here and listening to your feedback though. We'll see how it goes for a bit. (We're data-driven, yo!)


Votes provided a quick way to judge whether a deal was good or not and whether the community liked the deal or not. Bring back the votes!


@djp519: I think it's safe to say that our community isn't shy about commenting when they don't like a deal. I don't think you have to worry about that. The votes weren't backed by comments so you have no idea if it was based on experience or just "follow the crowd" voting.


@moondrake: From what we've heard, ads will rotate randomly but that's a good idea!


@thunderthighs: Except our own deals, we always stick those at the bottom of the list.


Guys, tell @mattschuette he does a good job. He's got deal-esteem issues.


@mattschuette: You're doing a great job -- keep up the stellar work! You're good enough, you're smart enough, and doggone it, people like you.

@gatzby: How was that?


@mattschuette: Well, I didn't want to say that because it sounds like we think our deals suck but I see @gatzby already addressed the deal-esteem issues. .


@gatzby: Ah, so it's been confirmed by Woot. Sponsored deals are not ""


@omnichad: They're solid, just not the same deals our fine community vets and submits!


I do not approve of this change.. Nor was this brought up in the last Black Triangle Meeting of the Minds... I motion for this to be reversed.

(Worth a shot).

But seriously, I no longer care about the rest of the nonsense woot pages, but deals.woot is still worth saving. The next time a 1-month free Netflix deal is added we won't be able to see the 200 negative votes from the main page...


I think that comments are going to get ugly now for deals that truely aren't good. With no easy way to say nay-nay sponsors are going to pay in spades b/c either their deals suck or b/c vets don't like the changes. JMHO


Also i am seeing a disconnect between the deal highlighted and the one poping up big to left. I am hovering on the NB deal but to left an Express deal is showing.


@philosopherott: Yep, I'm seeing it too. I'll let them know.



@gatzby: I understand your logic. It will lower voting on sponsored deals, as most people won't bother clicking through.
One thing that may help:
If you want people to click through to the conversation/details to vote - then make the deal link open the details page, rather than take you straight to the vendor. Right now, if I want to get into the details, before checking out the deal - I have to click "comments."

Small detail, but a bit annoying - clicking the link to details should be the same across the board. If I can click the link in community deals and get to the details page, the same logic should flow to the sponsored deals. Clicking "I want one" should be the click-thru for the vendor.



I noticed this morning that it was "changed" but I'm busy, and figured I'd wait until someone else brought it up. Personally, I'm with @moondrake (to no one's surprise). Eliminate downvoting. Seriously. Just get rid of it. Get rid of it on deals, questions, comments, everything.

When a comment/question/deal just has one vote (or zero, for those that have not yet made the sacrifice at the Woot altar), then the approval of others has been withheld. That seems enough. I find downvoting to be destructive, and there's already enough negativity going around that it would be nice to remove just that one.

That said, I don't mind seeing the sponsored deals ordered according to who paid to be first, and moofi always last. I'd just rather see which had what votes, so that when something has lots and lots, I can take a look at it myself to see why, and not bother with things that had few votes.

@gatzy, you think that it's silly to vote on sponsored deals? Then take it OUT of reputation. Please.


.... And my Woot bookmark officially hits the recycle bin.


@gatzby: I do think that voting is important for sponsored deals. There are many, many companies that pay to be a sponsored deals and I think that Wooters appreciate seeing how others feel about the company. Many Wooters do not have the time or care to place comments, but doing a quick vote (up or down) could help someone make a decision on whether or not the "deal" is worth taking a look at. If I see an interesting deal, I first look at how many votes it has received then begin to investigate the company (if I do not know them) to see if it is a reputable site. Although Woot vets it's sponsors (I hope!) I still want to make up my own opinion based off of reputation (reseller rating) and other Wooter's experiences.


So the crocs and poorly made eyeglasses win this round


Yet another reason to not bother with woot any more. Place has gone completely down the 5hitt3r.


@j5: Then I shall click through and downvote every deal until this changes (when I even bother to check woot, which isn't very often any more).


OK, now that it is a new day with new deals, it is really weird not having the voting option right next to each deal. It does not make me want to click to learn more even though I know some (Adidas) I would be interested in. I am going to take the seldom used negative view on this new update.


As of now, the Sponsored Deal with the most activity has 18 total votes (11+ 7-), if the goal is to stop people from voting, then it worked. (Normally, it would have that many votes within a minute or two of rollover.)

If the goal is to keep sponsors from seeing negative votes, get rid of downvoting.


@conanthelibrarian: That's definitely a good point. One side effect that might be interesting to see is if it promotes more discussion about the value and quality of the sponsored deal, rather than just the drive-by vote. Which isn't to say we don't value both, but definitely interested in the effects of both sides.


@gatzby: If so, it doesn't look like it worked. Of the 5 sponsored deals, 3 have no comments at all. If anything this will just make people ignore the sponsored deals completely.

It's a dumb move whether the goal is to foster community discussion or to drive clicks. But I bet it will stay that way because unlike the old Woot, the current Woot is incapable of acknowledging and fixing errors in judgement. Who cares if it's bad for the site and yet another nail in Woot's coffin, at least you stuck to your guns, huh?


@starblind: A day or two isn't really a conclusive test, though. We'll continue to keep an eye on it and try to figure out what's best for our customers and the site.


@gatzby: Which customers? The customers who pay for sponsored deals or the woot members you want to steer to them? Hmmm... lemme guess.

This place is over. The woot brain-trust exited en masse, and this place went south fast.


I think this is sort of a bet to save some vendors. Considering that there are a few vendors who are out-right scams, and Woot still posts them. Preventing people from just down-voting, or up-voting for companies that are generally awesome quality (like mono-price) because no matter that they sell, we know it is a good deal, is a pain.

As history shows that people will not perform searches on their own, are we going to have a designated person go through and post all the previous times an item/site has been put up and showing the vote results/comments? Are we really expected to, every time, go onto the Netflix one and tell people what is wrong with it, or the Flight site the issues? Some of these horrible vendors come up every week... I honestly see this extra step as a method of ensuring that those with experience with a company only post once or twice and then give up. Even for good companies, who wants to constantly post how good they are? The votes will just dwindle to nothing.


Long story short: We shouldn't have to click on the item, as if showing interest in it (I think I saw one time that on user posted deals that this leads to popularity?). Just let us click the arrow, as some offers are simply bad, and I don't want to constantly open new tabs just to warn people, or encourage. It isn't fair to the great companies, and for the bad it just sets users up to fail after a while.


@gatzby: Well, on the 2nd day it looks even worse. Today, FOUR of the sponsored deals have no comments.

Again, we have a terrible idea and a failure to acknowledge or learn from it. If downvoting was/is the problem, why not LEARN from that? Wooters gave most stuff the benefit of the doubt, and the only things that were heavily downvoted were terrible products, non-deals or semi-scams.


Few look at and buy the sponsored deals. Now no one votes on them. Does it surprise anyone that no one really cares? Yesterday's HIGH vote was 14. Are you kidding me? Something is wrong. Apathy? More than likely.

Good move deals.woot. Clever change. /sarcasm

Ponder this and come to the conclusion that it's not working. Your sponsored deals will end soon. Will you be surprised?


@gatzby: Day 3 stats are 0/0/0/0/1, even worse than yesterday. Admittedly it's a holiday, but it's pretty clear wooters are starting to get used to ignoring the sponsored deals entirely.

The biggest problem with this change, besides obviously snubbing the community, is that it ignores the 'wisdom of crowds', a deadly mistake in modern ecommerce. Yes, people would probably avoid heavily-downvoted deals, but seeing a deal upvoted by dozens or hundreds of other wooters is a pretty big vote of confidence, and I'd often find myself checking them out even if they didn't seem initially very interesting, figuring that something that good of a deal might at least make a nice gift. Now, there's no confidence in anything up there. Sponsored deals might as well be invisible, or buried deep on some subpage.


Just for sport, last night (or 12:10 AM Texas Time), I selected this:

Then I just downvoted the top five (i.e. today's entries). I may start doing that consistently, just because. Don't expect this comment to last long (it's probably not the encouragement that Woot/Deals is looking for).

Starblind makes an excellent point. Not only do massive downvotes point out that a deal has issues, but upvotes may bring a view that suggests a further look. The sponsored deals are currently nothing but more advertisement, to most visitors to the site. Everything else has votes; it just makes them stand out more. There have been a couple of things that I first found as sponsored deals (including Twisted Oak, Blair TG, and Housewares Deals), and I think you have thrown out the baby with the bath water here.

It's a STUPID fix. Someone isn't thinking this through.

Just pointing out the obvious. It's my job.


@shrdlu: The catch is, massive downvotes often did NOT point out that a deal had issues. You'd routinely see situations where a deal got a few downvotes early on, then plenty more from bandwagoners who just voted down the deal on the bottom without bothering to see what the deal actually was or if there was anything wrong with the deal in the first place.


Today's tally: 0/0/0/0/2. Well hey, at least it's an improvement on yesterday. Keep chasing that dream!

@kcostell: I think that's an uncommon situation. Heavily downvoted deals were nearly always deficient in some way: scams or near-scams, a company with known bad customer service, bait-and-switch pricing, a poor/ugly product, or just plain old posting something that wasn't a deal.

Remember, Woot's parent company is Amazon. A lot of people thought Amazon was crazy when they started letting customers visibly rate & review items. Won't everyone just complain about everything? Surely nobody would ever buy something that had a bad review right there on the page! It seemed like a legitimate worry at the time, but of course now we know none of that happened. Amazon's reviews became a little culture all to themselves, reviews drove sales, brand loyalty shot up because people are proud of their reviews, and the feature is now widely copied on countless other sites. Because it works.


In addition, I am seeing shill accounts commenting on one of the sponsored deals today. Okay, just one, but one of two that had commented on that SAME site, last time it was sponsored. Either make them the obvious advertisements that they are, or bring back obvious voting.

BTW, dearest staff, I have been REALLY polite about this. I could have done a name and shame, but I didn't. It'll be obvious to anyone with two IQ points about which deal I'm speaking of, and which are the shill accounts. Here's some advice to future sponsored dealers; if you're going to make shill accounts, at LEAST buy something, and make the account BEFORE you have your deal. That way it will at least be slightly less obvious.


{Traffic analysis is my life.}


@thunderthighs: you are absolutely and positively wrong. please change it back.

k87 k87

@k87: LOL. My programming abilities won't let me do that. Sorry.


This is just a quiet statement that I won't even be downvoting the sponsored deals any more. There are plenty of other people doing it, and I'm too lazy to bother with it. Yes, I am often the first vote on the sponsored deals at turnover. I've been doing it since this crazy silly business of hiding the voting unless you click on the deal (or use this link).

I'm beginning to wonder what on earth I'm even doing here. I'll probably feel different, when it's winter, and I start to be bored, but for now, I will simply emulate Candide.