questionswould you steal a deal from the comments section?


That's a good moral question. I'd probably not take that deal on the grounds that it doesn't sound fair but I know others that will.



If it's a deal people may want to know about, it should be posted. Some people just don't post the deal out of laziness or don't realize the deal they mentioned has a more widespread interest that others might care about.

In fairness sake, I will usually make sure the person who commented has a reasonable amount of time to post the deal themselves first. I usually give 30 minutes to an hour before I "steal" it. It doesn't happen often, but I have done it more than once. I have also been guilty of making a comment with a better deal and not posting it as a deal myself. I figure turn about is fair play...


Hey, I say why not? I don't post deals, but I've left a few links in comments. Go for it! All's fair in love and Woot.

Edit: But if you want to be nice, do as @wnyx585am says and maybe wait a little while before posting.


Nah. But sometimes I'll post a deal I found after looking at something people asked a question about. Like, they ask a question about headphones and some people post links to Amazon where there are some other good deals in the "other people were interested in" section, I might post it.


Isn't the real question "Why wouldn't you?"


Yep, I've done it. Post the deal or shut it. If you can take the time to dig and post the link as a reply, you should have taken the time to post it as a deal instead of neener neener reply on my deal.


I just assume that there's some reason why the person didn't post the deal themselves. If I thought it ought to be a deal I'd probably say so in the comments section and give the OP a chance at it. Rep points don't have much real value, but treating people well does.


Of course I would post it. We're all adults here(mostly).