questionshow can i order wired magazine for $4.99?


..Is this a deal you saw somewhere? Where did you get the price of $4.99?

We're going to need some more info if you want us to help you out.


Go to a store offering it. Pick up the magazine. Hand it to the teller. Give her cash. You're done!


I assume you're referencing a deal from Tanga, all of which seem to be expired at the moment. be patient and check every day.


@robey21: Yes, that's how I "order" grocies too. Yesterday I ordered a pack of gum and it arrived in my shopping bag almost immediately. :)


If you buy Coca Cola products, you can get a free subscription. You just have to go through the hassle of entering the codes from your bottle tops, 12 packs, etc. I think it costs the equivalent of about twenty-five twelve packs. Sadly for me, that is racked up pretty quickly...


@wnyx585am: And that works! I get Wired and my wife gets Glamour. We've both recieved multiple copies already and they have none of my credit card information.