questionswhat happened to todays 5th sponsored deal?


Was it downvoted a lot? The sponsor may have asked to be removed.
Woot determined the deal was not legit and removed it.
Those are my guesses.


Usually if the sponsored deals are cancelled Woot will just RIP it early, not remove it entirely.



Checking into this. Edit: It appears to have been deleted in error. I have added it back.


Hmm, it's back, or at least a fifth deal is back. Not sure if it's the same one, though.


Sucked so bad it imploded? Too many comments revealing it was a scam?


Well now, it's back and all of the comments are gone... though this time the deal rep is being much more up front informative and has put all of the relevant information into the first comment.

Instead of having to read through half the thread to find out it's a voucher. Also, it's a voucher to a site that only sells this particular item, and only has it at MSRP or the voucher redemption... shady.


TIL woot mods get so caught up in vigorously deleting deals that they sometimes delete those belonging to people who pay to have them posted.


@thumperchick: Thanks TC and everyone else. I rarely ask questions, but found it odd to see featured deal disappear. I am usually awake to see the new deals posted (11PM MST), but go to bed shortly after. Since it was the weekend I got up late and missed all the drama in the thread.