questionswhat ways can you think of to improve deals.woot?


Give me a 100/100 rep and make me #1 on the leaderboard. It may not improve the site as a whole, but my experience will be wonderful.


More capacity for the servers. Woot seems to crash or have a lot of sluggishness more often lately.


Need a way to see deleted deals. Especially deals you have posted that got deleted. I have gotten more careful on posting duplicates, but it would be nice to at least see your own deleted deals to know why they were deleted and any comments, etc that were useful.


Remove asking questions as part of the rep formula.

Answering questions can still count.


I'd like to see voting opened on the deals for the various woot sites. Even if I don't buy, we could let them know what we think of the deal.

@wnyx585am: Good call. Let's get a deleted/expired deals tab.


@captainsuperdawg: You don't need to wait or fantasize about your 100% rating. Just grab a little masking tape and a marker. Write your #1 ranking, your name and the 100%, stick it on your screen at the top of the leader board. Just remember those scores are all a matter of attitude. Knowing you are number one is all that counts.

@wnyx585am: I'm not sure more server capacity is the issue Woot faces. After all, they are good buddies with Amazon, the same Amazon that hosts one of the largest server clouds in the world. I suspect it may be related to the database architecture and the code supporting it. Maybe we should open-source WOOT and take a whack at it?

@wnyx585am: Hmmm -- some forum software supports a "Hidden" or "Private" tag. Rather than delete posts, they are marked Private, visible only to staff or the originator. That lets select people discuss, comment and edit things you don't want the general population to see.

Maybe Woot coders would consider adding that attribute?


@okham: Nice idea.

Again, maybe tabs to show deals on the other Local.Woot site.

But I wonder, what positive benefit derives from voting some Woot items up or down? The deals on Local.Woot makes sense, and that is already done. However the original Woot+Home+Shirt+Wine+Kids are single-item-per-day. Your approval or comments can easily be shown in the discussion forum.


OK, this is pure blue-sky, but how about a Woot extension for FireFox or Chrome that would give us a scrolling ticker. Think RSS feed.

The ticker would scroll new deals as they post, comments on deals, or questions and new question comments.

Maybe allow you to hold an item to vote it or scroll back a bit in case it scrolled by too quickly.

Have an option on the ticker to select either current deals or questions.

Include a checklist or user entered list that could filter the feed. Sort of a whitelist and blacklist of user names, tags or categories. That way you could choose to see every post by or @JumboWoot or @JasonToon or block lingerie, always show Free items, etc.


@tpscan: What can I say? I like the instant gratification of a voted number without actually reading.


A Woot! site calendar for deals that haven't gone live yet but you want alerts/reminders for. Like Cyber Monday for example. The deals can be cross posted to a Woot! calendar and clicked on when they go live. Or something of that nature?


One suggestion that was emailed anonymously to the Woot inbox was that @wootbot should get a raise. And more posting airtime. And he should propose to whoever his girlfriend is.

I agree with the person who wrote that email, what a smart human!


d.w-specific private messages...using a system that's different (read: better, more intuitive) than www.woot


@dreamyvelvet: Yes, that would be a great idea! I definitely think that there should be more ability for us wooters to have better control over the deals.

Just because I like a deal now doesn't mean that I can buy it now. I hate having to go search for deals that either were posted too soon or whose formula time pushes it a few pages deep. A calendar and the ability to star deals to our profile would be awesome.


@pinchecat: Yeah, I agree! -- private messages, hosted right here instead instead of heading to the main WOOT site might clear up some misunderstandings that happen sometimes. And the idea has been raised several times before by a number of people. It's an idea whose time has come.


Make the front page of deals.woot back to what it used to be - specifically, sort the items by date right off the bat like we used to. This wacky sort-by-popularity bit isn't helpful for checking for new listings.


Remove the rating system entirely.

Inherently, any type of "achievement" system increases activity but also increases people posting just to post rather than to contribute in a meaningful way. It also takes away from the altruism of some questions/deals. Posting a deal of an American flag or asking something about 9/11 gets muddled because who is going to downvote such things? The moment you call someone out on it, you get downvoted.


Stop letting businesses post deals. Or give them their own page.