questionsdoes the logo of a website influence your…


Not unless it were the symbol of some hate group like PETA.


No but if the webpage looks like like a scam site or if I go to order and I don't see https.


If it resembles a swastika, I wouldn't buy from that site, otherwise I don't think the logo would influence my decision.

Now, if I knew something about the company I didn't approve of (such as PETA or other hate groups) then I would probably be less tempted to buy.


@zapp brannigan: I agree. Not the logo specifically. But if the layout looks like a shady overnight operation I tend to stay away.


There is this one company that sells secrets deals under a different company that uses the logo upside down... what kind of company would do that?


Isn't part of the point of a logo and other graphics design to subtly influence you to buy? Without you even realizing that you are being influenced?