questionsshould a comment be required when down-voting a…


No, that would just encourage revenge down voting and make for a more hostile community. A site I used to spend a lot of time on,, used to have down voting and this was always a discussion topic, but luckily it was never implemented. In fact, down voting was removed all together.

Also, I believe both answerbag and woot have maximum down votes allowed to prevent people from going on too much of a negative spree.


It would make it a little more inconvenient for trolls and douchebags who downvote for no good reason.


This question has been asked several times before (once by me) and generally garners a lot of NO replies. For some good reasons. I personally would appreciate some feedback when someone downvotes my deal (it's hard to understand sometimes - especially when a good item at a good price gets downvoted). Maybe we need a FAQ section with the FAQ's listed, because people here get testy when the same question is asked once a month or so.

See top answers on this question from 26 days ago:


@caron7: I've only been here a few months, but I always get a sense of deja vu I hear this question. It's only been asked twice, weird..


Since feeling that a deal is or is not a deal is an opinion, you should just be happy that they downvoted and didn't give you the rest of the story.

Besides, if you worry about how someone else feels about your deal you've got bigger issues.


It's been asked many times - a number of them have been removed as dups.


This community has become a cesspool of uselessness. Literally. Look at the front page and what's getting upvoted. Has zero to do with any deal related things.
This whole idea needs a re-vamp in my honest opinion.



(see, how is that better than me just hitting the down button?)


I just downvoted this because it's been asked so many times. There's your explanation.


I feel asking repeated idiotic questions annoying.