questionscan anyone suggest a good small electric kettle?


I found it at Sears too for 19.99 you can pick it at at the store. Sears wouldn't let me post the deal though.

I actually bought one from Woot a while back that I love. I recently tossed my tea pot that I used on the stove, because it was just sitting there, I use my electric kettle all the time.


Like you I'm not a big fan of the Proctor-Silex being plastic. However, I've used the model that @hobbit suggested every day for a year without a problem.

The reviews of the Capresso on Amazon refer to a foul chemical taste/smell caused by a silicone/rubber washer.

Thanks for asking the question. I would be interested in a cordless metal or glass electric kettle (that isn't huge or prohibitively expensive).


found one at Target! There is another one I liked better, it was prettier, but it apparently had some plastic bits inside and only one review. This has more reviews.


@catbertthegreat: did you read the reviews on the site? Just asking because reviews are mixed. I know you use it.


Thanks for all of the supplies so far. From what I can tell almost every stainless kettle has a plastic view window that comes in contact with the water. I have used a plastic kettle for the past 3 years, but am looking to upgrade.

@catbertthegreat: Perhaps you can answer a question for me....

How hot does the outside of your kettle get? Since I am, um.. "graceful", I am wondering if there is a good chance that I will burn myself on the outside of the kettle.

This wouldn't stop me from purchasing it, but something I would like to know to watch out for.


I found a glass one. It looks lovely. I would be terrified of breaking it.

I love sur la table too!


@ravelazquez: Yes it gets very hot on the outside, touch it by the handle or else you'll probably get a good burn or a good yelp.


@ravelazquez: I should also say there is plastic window on the Breville, but it is only in contact with a small portion of water, it feeds water into the plastic metering area from the bottom and the water in the metering area does not boil, just gets a little steamy. I have never noticed a plastic taste, after boiling.


I'm backing up @hobbit's recommendation of:

I got several of them for Christmas for various family members and they have unanimously loved them. Yes, there is a bit of plastic involved, but it is as minimal as any I could find for a reasonable price.


I have a zojirushi water boiler pot. You can set it for three temps 205,195 and 175 for the different kinds of tea. I picked mine up at Teavana. Mine holds 4L of water and it last me a couple of days. It is a litte more expensive but has lasted me 5 years so far.


I have this one by Cuisinart

I absolutely love it. I had plastic kettles that kept breaking, and I've been using this particular one for 5 years now.



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I have the aroma kettle. Got it from Amazon

It's a little noisy and does not have a very audible noise when boiling has finished, but it looks nice and fees better than the corded plastic kettle I had before.