questionswould you like to see a usa.woot for products…


Works for me.

I've tried taging made-in-usa but it gets deleted by the Woot gods.


Like, yes. No need for a new sub-domain - they could start with shirt(*). :)

Reality, not gonna happen. :( There are too many products which just aren't manufactured in the US anymore, and Woot being a site for bargain shoppers, the demand for products that have to sell at a higher price just won't be there.

* - Due to RBBG-2012, Counting Sheep, Recurring Dreams, and Rhyming Orange are printing on AA blanks for adults. Also, the long sleeve tees in the Woot plus side sales are still AA blanks too.


I'd be happy if they started by using AA blanks (only) again.


Very much so, it is so hard finding USA products. I would love to by as much Made in USA products as I could.


@lmerando: I would love to see it, though we would see a lot of people complaining about the products being too expensive. I would be a fun experiment either way.


I would, but there would limited items and they would be very pricey.......


There are websites dedicated to collecting links of Made in USA products like For example, I just discovered that New Balance manufactures some of its shoes in the US and marks them appropriately on the website. It's not a complete list as I noticed All-Clad is absent.


brush up on economics and you'll realize your notion of consuming purely american products is the stuff that dreams are made of.


The Sea Salt Caramels are USA made. I would buy tons of them (as proven by my 30lb weight gain from all last years offerings.)


The problem with the "Made in the USA" tag is that it really means "Assembled" here. For example, like the caramels that @gigi889 mentioned, it might be true that the product is made here but what about all the ingredients? And what about the jar that they come in?

The USA was the #1 manufacturer until last year when it was finally beat out by China. Still, we manufacture a bunch of stuff so the product is out there.

The issue is still with the parts. Imagine you buy a DVD player that says it's made in the USA. Does that mean the processor, the capacitors, the main board, the diodes, etc are made in the USA too? No, it just means that someone here in the USA put all the final parts together as the last motion before it goes up for sale to the retail market.


YES!!!! It would be AWSOME!


Made in USA = Expensive (usually)
I come to woot for deals, yo!
Thankfully I live in a great country that allows free trade. I have the freedom to choose to buy a $0.99 HDMI cable from China over the $5.99 USA cable! America, eff yeah!


No. Mainly because there are already too many .woot sites now. I would rather them stick to the way they are now. If they had more items made in the USA on the site, I wouldn't mind. But no need to dedicate a whole page to it when there are already so many.


No. I'd rather not support economic isolationism, as that means higher prices for everyone for no reason.


@stryker4526: I am not advocating for isolationism... I am advocating for competition. The free market wouldn't be very free if people like you get to preordain the winners and losers.


@ern3sto09: you're only further demonstrating your ignorance of the circumstances. i suggest unsubscribing from your own thread and doing some research


Yes definitely , at least get started with one separate column for USA products.