questionsit's football season again, are you a tailgater?


I've had season tickets to the University of Michigan home games for as long as I can remember, and have always done a "tailgate". Our tailgate is quite simple, we pull into our spot at a house right next to the stadium about an hour before kickoff and simply eat. My mother generally will make simple food like chile or sandwiches or quiche pending the weather and game time. We might pull out the camping chairs and relax or might throw around a football. Then just go into the stadium for kickoff. It's by no means a party or an all day thing, but it's a good time none the less.


It's to expensive to tailgate at the games here, hell to go to a game at that.
We usually BBQ/grill for the games as we watch them at home.

Can't wait for Sunday. Texans going to run over those Dolphins!


For college games, I have a group of friends that put together a nice setup. Grill, of course, plus a generator, tv, sometimes a Direct TV box, an xbox with the Rock Band setup, and of course several coolers full of drinks. Also a turkey frier for a November game, usually. Good times.


The people who join my Wake Forest tailgate come just for the tailgate, as the city has a lot of young professionals from all over who have their own football loyalties. I've grown it every year, adding new things every season: 12'x12' tent with leg weights (it can get windy), fold-out 8'x2' WFU table for beer pong/flip cup, cornhole, ladder golf, washers, football, Drink-O (homemade Plink-O with an air hockey puck), and of course a football. Foodwise, a travel propane grill, power inverter, crockpots, etc. depending on the kickoff time and what the fiancee wants to make. I even contract a buddy to brew some custom WFU beer, labeled and all, served exclusively at my tailgate. My next addition will be a flagpole I think, although yesterday I saw an article about a stripper pole that fits into a trailer hitch. Most of this fits into or on top of my 2006 Ford Fusion with roof and hitch-mounted cargo racks. Eventually I'll upgrade to an SUV and add satellite TV to watch the ongoing games.


We use to tailgate all the time for the Panthers games. We would grill whatever the visiting teams cities/states were famous for. Alas, that ended when a good friend's sister married a very nice guy who has seats in a suite and the Gridiron Club. Both have free buffets. Yes, I'm bragging. Sorry..


Nope, no tailgaters here. I enjoy my stuff in a climate-controlled environment without crowds. It's a cool place called my house. Tailgating looks like fun, but I wouldn't fit in. Be safe with your drinking!