questionsis there a way i can block ohcheri from showing…


No not as far as I know.
Are their really that many that bother you from OhCheri that you want them blocked?
I presonally find that @ohcheri puts up tasteful pics of what many might find adult apparel.


This may help:

or not.

Either way, it'll be interesting to see now that jumbowoot <3 is gone, what changes the new management at Deals will make.


@ohcheri places ads on this site? Hmmm, didn't know that. Of course, I use Ad-Blocker so I don't see any ads on the side.

Or...are you speaking of deals? If so, you do know that you need not click on them. And, it's so very simple and easy to scroll (as she suggested) by them to find a deal you're interested in.

Side note to @philosopherott: Please don't forget the caps and socks! ;-)


Really? @ohcheri bothers you, but the cheaper, tackier ones don't? Have you considered upscaling your tastes a bit?

You've added no deals, commented on 8, up-voted 2 and down-voted 1. @ohcheri averages fewer than two posts a day. Squint your eyes a little bit and you won't even notice them.


Abine do not track me. A free program prevents tracking and when tracking is off a lot of advertising won't show. I have not seen any sexy pictures on woot and I feel like I should turn it off so I can see them. I have seen posts but they are small.


@gmwhit: good call with the reminder of caps, socks and such...


@magic cave: So because I am a casual user I have no right to ask a question? Okay, thanks for that.


@jdchristman: Pretty sure kamikazeken was making a joke... OhCheri is an active member here: it is no surprise that people will defend those deals, so don't get too caught up in taking it personally. I understand your sentiments, but I'd be more apt to complain about the MeUndies ad that keeps showing up, more than a lingerie company that plays by the Deals rules. If you don't like OhCheri, don't click on the deal, and keep moving onward.

TL;DR--We play at the mercy of the Deals Community, just keep scrolling if you see something you are not interested in.


@jdchristman: Glad you like it. You can tweak it to your liking by using the advanced search options:

After you enter and submit your criteria there, just copy the resulting URL and use that as a bookmark or shortcut so it will take you to the view you like straight away.


@bsmith1: A good idea but what if you miss something important ( not likely I know!). It feels a little like censorship or a blindfold that is stopping reality from intruding.


@jdchristman: You're very welcome. I was sure you'd understand.


@bsmith1: Thanks a lot : |
I used your filter and first thing in the list was
to make thing worse, no @ohcheri deals!

Try this one. -is:expired
Better off using this one:
-lingerie -sexy -adult -socks -is:expired


So after looking a bit found that @ocheri only has 5 deals active and -is:expired lingerie has 29 PAGES

Be nice @ocheri he could always use the


Why is Ohceri always targeted?

Filter update:
-lingerie -sexy -adult -socks -leggings -is:expired


Filter update PART 2:
-lingerie -sexy -adult -socks -leggings -swimwear -is:expired
No I am not going to add -cap because she is showing too much nose.