questionsis anyone else irritated that woot! is selling…


I am NOT banned from deals.woot!!


I didn't even realize that's what that was. I saw the picture and figured it was hand/body lotion. Which I guess it is, in a way.


For the sake of posterity (and because they're funny):

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Shrdlu waves at @loubriccant. I'm glad to see you back here, sir.

[Edit: I don't think this is the first time out for this type of product, by the way.]


I am in the same boat as @90mcg112: when I saw the picture I just assumed that it was some kind of skin moisturizer. I had to go to the manufacturers web site to confirm that the they really meant what they said when they said "personal lubricant".

So, given that these are not OK for the general woot audience, why are they a WootPlus deal? Anyone???


Nope, not any more, deals.woot apathy has set in.

Do as I say not as I do.


At least it isn't listed in the kids! section...


This place has gone downhill ever since @inkycatz left.


Woot! being hypocritical!? I'm shocked!!!



I assume it's because woot can control what is posted on the main sites. They don't have to worry about the whole page being filled-up with intimate items. One listing ain't gonna hurt nobody.
Since the community posts the deals here, it could easily get out of hand. Remember when Crabs and Bacon took over the top deals? Now picture that will all sorts of personal massagers and lubricants. Probably not what woot wants to be known for.


@bsmith1: Quite a sane, logical answer. Seriously, it is.

And, of course, they would not want to be known as that kind of site. Instead they're known as the site that has 1,000's & 1,000's of old non-deals. (Currently showing as 205,000+)


@bsmith1: That sounds a bit like rationalizing to me. No offense, but there is no excuse for inconsistency besides laziness and unprofessionalism IMHO.

@chellemonkey Yes, I am irritated. I never have tried to post such an item, but again, its the inconsistency. I expect better from the sites I spend my time on. Makes me think woot is being run by a bunch of adolescents who cant make up their mind and dont care about the details.


@countdown: It's not inconstancy, they're two totally different sites with two totally different sets of constraints.
Here's another example, we would not be allowed to post an ebay sale here with only 1 item available. Woot throws up sales all the time where there is only 1 item available. (quantity wise)

Again, woot has more control over their own items. We don't post woot items here. We post links to other sites here. Completely different. By your logic, we should be able to post non-woot deals on the main woot page.

It might sound like I'm rationalizing, but it might also sound like you're whining. No offense.


No, but I don't think I am as emotionally invested in this site as you guys are.


If you use lubricant it should help with your irritation.


Blech. Talk about a steep slide into being their very own demonstration of crapitude.


@bsmith1: In all fairness, when woot puts a single item on its main page, that is usually because the item had previously been up with a larger quantity and they are just getting rid of what is left. This strikes me more as practicality rather than inconsistency between sites.

An extreme perversion of my logic might suggest being able to have users post deals on the other main properties. But lets be rational for a second while we're reading. Each site has its purpose. However bans, in my head, are a little more universal than just "rules". Usually there is a little more reasoning than just "to keep control". That is the logic I was using to suggest that one site should honor the other sites bans. I think most people assumed the lubricant ban on deals.woot was on moral grounds. So its ok for woot, the primary property, to be immoral, but we're not allowed here on the lowly deals.woot?


@countdown: I see your point. My final thought on the matter is: while "intimate" items can be found on many reputable online retailers, that sort of product might be more prone to being listed on "sketchy" websites. Woot may not want to run the risk of linking users to malicious websites. Due to the nature of the product, I can see a higher likelihood that the site you're linking to would have nsfw materials and/or malicious code. Rather than police each deal posted and black list every offending website, it might just be easier to ban the entire type of product to avoid those potential sticky situations.


Woot has sold bacon flavored lube before as well...


Since when are we not allowed to post this sort of deal here? I remember quite well someone posting a "personal massager" that was never taken down.

I agree that maybe if there was an issue in the past, it had more to do with the website linked.


At the end of the day woot does not want to be labeled as a site that will get blocked from commercial content filters.

All told?


@purplefeather: If it wasn't taken down, I'd be inclined to think it was an oversight.


Whoa, wait, Illander quit? I've had so much stuff going on this year that I've kinda fallen out of the woot-loop. When did this happen?


It is called "Vertical Integration".

Woot makes money by selling stuff on their sites and wootplus bs. DW only has referral links, which may or may not generate revenue for woot, depending on the site and whether or not the deal is sponsored.

Not the first or the last time a company has been or will be hypocritical.


Tomorrow should be lubricant day.

Post all the (non genital related) lubricants!


It's up there so that instead of complaining, we can go lubricate ourselves.


I'm gonna go out on a limb here with a possible explanation. This is by no means official and I didn't ask anyone....

On Woot, we can control the presentation and the frequency of the sale.

On Deals, it opens up posts from every adult store in the world. Or do we only allow them from non-adult stores? Maybe only adult stores that don't have naked photos on their site. It becomes really hard to control.

Do you really want posts from all those stores on Deals? Do you want to see what you would see if you clicked on that deal? What if you were at work? Or the kids were looking over your shoulder?


@kamikazeken: and let us not forget the KY couples date night combo.

His and her lube with warming massage oil and 10 dollars to the movies.