questionscan you help me with another spammer?


I'd round up the posse but I got my wrist slapped last time.

The important lesson I learned is if it's something blatantly obvious like this the mods only need to be told once and they'll take care of it just fine. Thousands of reports wont make the problem go away any faster if there aren't any active duty mods


Use up your downvote quota?


@gidgaf: You just waste your downvotes, if it's really someone that staff will consider a spammer (although acehackwear cracked me up). Best to just tattle if it's spam, and specify why you think it's spam if you think you're one of the first to tattle.

If it's really someone with a bunch of crap, remember that each tattle generates yet another email that has to be looked at. I find it more efficient to just make a link to the account name, like so:

Far as I can tell, all of whatever @luvche21 was talking about is already gone, though.


The above link says "0 deals matching: @tribalguitar (refine results)"

I think that means it's already been dealt with.


The chinese spam that hits overnight is getting pretty bad. Chinese 'android' tablets, wedding dresses, machine parts, etc., etc., etc.