questionsanyone else get a "paypal advantage" upgrade?


This site is VeriSign Verified and looks legit:

"How did I become an Advantage member? Your account was upgraded to PayPal Advantage status because you spent over $5,000 using PayPal in a calendar year."

"How do I retain my Advantage membership? After your initial qualification, spend $5,000 with PayPal in the next calendar year. Once you do, your membership will be automatically renewed for an additional year. For example, if you qualified in September 2011, you'll have PayPal Advantage status until December 31, 2012, but you'll need to spend $5,000 in 2012 to continue your Advantage status for 2013."

Benefits of Advantage Upgrade:


I was upgraded to Advantage about a year ago but it wasn't because they were being nice to me.

On another note, I've never taken advantage of Advantage. I just haven't seen the advantages of it. This statement is only partially tongue in cheek.


Yes, and I am so excited. (sarcasm) We are so exceptional, they had to make an exception just for us. ZZZZZZZZZZZ


I received this today as well. The thing is, I have not spent $5000 through PayPal in the last year...not a calendar year, nor a year to date. I'm beginning to think this is a scam.

Although...the customer service phone number is the legit one from the PayPal site, so who knows.


The site,, is at least a legitimate domain. It was registered by through Mark Monitor.


I got the email too. It seemed legit enough to me. Well, at least the first few sentences that I read seemed ok. Once I saw their short list of "advantages" I stopped reading. You know, maybe I am demanding and have high standards when it comes to reward programs but I think for spending $5000 with paypal I should get... like $5000 back or something.


my clients pay me through paypal and all i got today was an email wanting more info for the IRS - i spend WAY more than 5000 a year using paypal and haven't gotten an advantage offer....i feel left out!!! LOL


@drewskidooo: yes, the "advantages" list is a joke


It's probably like the one I got from my car insurance company - same thing, I'm now a member of the "Advantages" club.

"Hey, you're special! Here are some opportunities for you to spend your money at other merchant's websites! Aren't you just ecstatic about that?"