questionsanyone else having trouble logging in?


I've timed out several times and gotten several server error messages over the last couple of hours. It comes and goes.


Interesting. The Moofi page is also inaccessible (I tattled, but now I see it's a more complex problem than just a misplaced URL).

[Edit] @baqui63: Dang it. If I'd had a drink of anything in my hand, you'd owe me a new keyboard.


Things have been up and down (yo-yo'ing) for the last couple of hours...

(Can anyone say Microsoft Patch Tuesday?)


Things should be settling down. It was actually problems with AWS that affected more than just Woot.


I had some problems but I reset the page a few times and found I was finally logged in.


@thunderthighs: Maybe so, but the problem with Moofi is not AWS. I think the link is typo'd.