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Also, I posted here because I just wanted to make sure somebody saw my question before the day is out. I was worried that if I used support, they may be off for the weekend. Plus other people may have had experience with this situation before... This is my first 'real' job since graduating last May, as well as my first apartment. So I am out of the loop on stuff like this. I'd appreciate any help or advice :D


When are you going to sign the lease? If it happens today, I'd say go for it.
If you're not in the area, but you're 100% sure you're going to live there, I would think you'd be safe as well.

vote-for6vote-against, try asking there, too, they usually respond pretty quickly


Do you have friends or family in the area that could receive the package for you? Or could you have it shipped to your work address?


@hirshy I have my woot stuff (and all packages for that matter) to my office. Dont know if you work in an office building or not, but I would trust a corporate environment before I would an apartment.


That would probably be a better question for your apartment leasing office - whether to send it there or not.

As to changing the address on the order, I wouldn't count on that as an option. We release orders quickly to processing. Once it's released, we can't pull it back for changes.

Do you have a friend you can ship it to instead?


I have everything I order online shipped to my parents house. Don't trust packages at my complex.
I would try to get it shipped to work or a friend/relative you trust and know is safe.


@the18thtee84: I don't start working until Feb 4th and I don't know their policies on that...
@thunderthighs: I am signing the lease on Monday and the person who is handling my paperwork won't be back in the office until that day. They said it should be ok to send it to the office, but if I should wait until I sign the lease.

I think that I will just have it shipped to my friend. He lives about 30 minutes away. Thanks for all the help, Mods and wooters! I've been searching for a good TV for a while :)

*Note that I am getting the lease faxed to me on Monday since I live in a different city than the apartment.


@hirshy: Good call to ship it to a friend. Last year, I shipped a few boxes of my belongings and had a few packages sent from amazon and woot to an apartment building I was supposed to move into; when I showed up, things were not as they were supposed to be and I ended up not moving in. Let's just say that not all of the packages made it to me - and because the office had received/signed for them, I couldn't get refunds from amazon.

Woot, however, was terrific. IIRC, they shipped me another copy of one shirt and refunded me for another. Three cheers for woot's awesomeness!


@hirshy: I think you made the right call. Nothing sucks more than having something caught in limbo or worse being shipped back to Woot and having to wait for a refund.

Congrats on the new job!


A little late to offer advice, but congrats on the new job and location. Hope everything goes smoothly.


I see TT answered you.
I'm only a vol mod, I have no powers here. TT is the one to listen too! Thanks for asking me!
Enjoy your new apt!


Also late to the thread but general delivery is an option. Congrats on the new place and job!


@hirshy: I can answer the question about receiving packages, not about how they are shipped or addressed.

Every package I have gotten from woot so far has had a tracking number assigned to it, whether it is through the post office or Fedex. I don't know if they use UPS too as I didn't look that far into my order history. But for each of these methods (you can find out which way it is shipping perhaps from someone at woot, or handle it in an active way) you can do this: I suggest addressing it as now usual and:

Post Office: They will redirect it according to your instructions, a forwarding order, or they will hold it according to your written request. Talk to someone there.

Fedex: They can make the delivery to one of their Fedex Office locations if you ask them to when you get the tracking number, or redirect it. You'd have to call them.

UPS: They can redirect the delivery to either your new address or to a UPS Store for a fee. You'd have to call them.


Ship it to your work, a friend or family member, or a UPS Store (or similar) in the area.


@srfoolishbuyer: Do NOT count on the USPS forwarding/redirecting your packages. They'll only forward certain types of mail-- Fedex Smartpost is not one. They will not do so unless you pay for some premium service and even then, it's likely they will screw it up.

I found this out the hard way when I moved after ordering Fresh Cake Remix (and some other tees). I left my old address on there because the house was vacant and I could still pick up packages there, so I thought, no big deal, just go pick it up at the old house. It got to my local post office fine, but USPS then decided they wouldn't deliver it (Since I "no longer lived there") OR forward it ("it's a standard package and we don't forward standard"). I called, spoke with several postmasters to see if they could just hold it at the post office... no help. It was returned to sender a few weeks later after being randomly tossed from post office to post office. I never got that shirt (and am still brokenhearted about it.).


@jezebelseven: I just pulled out one of my shirt orders. Woot had a "return service requested" endorsement on my packaging. That tells the post office that if the item is forwarded, it should be returned instead of sent to the new address.

Even if it is forwardable, smartpost arrives postage due. When you are moving, make sure you change your billing address on your payment method right away.


@jezebelseven: Sorry it took so long. I didn't get notified of response. Just happened to look and see how it turned out. I suppose we are in suspense. But however I'm really glad you mentioned Smart Post. I get packages sometimes through them but didn't think to look for them specifically online until now.

Your story, sad to tell and sorry to read is one that is a two-fold. One, the post office knows when you are sleeping they know when you are that's somebody else. They definitely won't deliver mail to an unoccupied residence once they learn it is unoccupied. That was probably not the first thing I would have suggested to you. If someone was still there to accept it on your behalf, that would be something else, just you using the address. The post office is pretty much fine with private arrangements you make in c/o situations. But then, it has to be specifically labeled as "you c/o occupant" format.

Fedex handles their own routings, and I think they reroute for a fee.