questionswhat other shirt.woot series are there?


I always go with the assumption that if you don't know them, then they don't really exist.


@wisenekt - Oh come on now, it's not like I memorize every little tidbit of useless shirt.woot trivia.

On that note, thought up of another - @kevlar51's collaborations with @walmazan and @fishbiscuit5 on board games:

In the Library With the Wrench
Do Not Pass Go
Trivial Matters
Ukraine Is Strong
Candy Empire

I guess I'm just imagining of a side sale consisting of sequels and threequels, etc.


I am just waiting for Unstealthy 4


Don't forget @fishbiscuit5 has Procrastination University and College of Meh. She also has 3 coffee-related shirts (if you consider the caffeine one coffee-related).


@narfcake: I found this question after reading your "the day old Woot shirts died" post for the first time just now; it was brilliant.

This might be more of a series of write-ups than of shirts, but there's
*Don't Look Back, I've Got You,
*Ro-boss, and