questionsblockbuster closing remaining stores early feb


I haven't heard about all stores closing, just 300 out of the 800 remaining. Regardless though, it is not a good sign for their by mail service. Not long ago I had a free trial for 6 months but ended up cancelling after a month or two because they just stopped sending me disks.


The one near me was still charging close to retail price for their used movies last time I checked. $14.99 used movies on "clearance" for $5.99 - including movies that sell new for $5 at Wal-Mart.

I did pick up 10 empty Amaray (DVD) cases for $1 and 4 tubes of Window cleaner concentrate (each makes 1 qt.) for $2.


I am surprised there are any left - and their "going out of business" clearance deals for used DVDs were more than new at Amazon... Sayonara


not ALL. as stated above, please get your facts straight. 300 out of 800 will be closing, and those 300 are all ones that losing money. At least that's what I've seen posted on various financial news sites.


@kamikazeken: when I posted that was the news that was out that they were closing all stores. The next day it was said that 500 stores were staying open.

Now this I heard today from someone on the inside, They said that there are a few new stores going to be opening up in other area's which does not make sense since they closed all of the busy NY stores.


No big loss.
Returning movies by a deadline and worrying about late fees is too big of a hassle anyway.
I'd rather find a good deal on a movie, new or 2nd hand off of eBay or other site, and get to keep the movie rather than hassle with a rental.