questionsdo you use the usps coupons for lowes?


I do think it's a shame that people are selling them when they get them for free. However, most sellers are selling them for cheap enough that it's not worth the 15 minute drive 2 ways for me to go get them. I paid a few bucks for 10 of them last fall. I also don't care if people are going to the Post Office and ask for them just to get the coupons. Lowes is still making money and it gives the guys at the Post Office something to do other than be bland and boring.


@capguncowboy: The main reason I got frustrated was that I picked up 2 or 3 of them from the main counter at the post office, but when people started taking them in mass quantities they started keeping them behind the desk. Because of the hassle I bought them on ebay as well, I think 7 for $7.


you can also get the same coupon online from lowes and print it from home. Some totally random addresses and a throwaway email address and you've got your 10% coupon for free.


@kamikazeken: My Home Depot will not accept the printed version. They said it has to be an "original" and not one that cannot be duplicated.


@kamikazeken is correct, here's the link to the Lowe's coupon:
It took several days for them to send it to me in an email, so if you're in a hurry, Home Depot offers one too.


edit for my post above, Home Depot said the coupon can't be one that CAN be duplicated, I mistyped and wrote "cannot". Bottom line is H.D. won't take the printed version from email.


@bstebick: yeah, your mileage may vary on the competitor's coupon acceptance.
Just use it at lowe's, and make sure to do a price match to home depot if HD had whatever you wanted cheaper. both guarantee the lowest price.

If you must shop HD, they offer an online one too.


I agree that Lowes is still making their money or they wouldn't keep offering the coupons year after year. I don't see anything wrong with taking advantage of a money-making opportunity. However...

I DO think its a shame that the rest of the moving packet (which is somewaht considerable) is invariably tossed out once the Lowes coupon is removed. All that Wasted paper, dyes, chemicals, freight, etc. I'm no ranting tree hugger, but I believe we really need to consdier all the ways we can become better, thoughtful stewards of our planet.