questionsseen the woman panhandling for breast implants?


dh says that this is apparently is a common thing online. they promise to send donators pictures from before and after.


Waitin' for the Kickstarter :P


@moosezilla: In this case she's standing on a street corner.

Assuming she gets the money she needs, wonder if she'll go back and show off the work?


37 year old mother... wants to improve self-esteem...

There isn't a better way?

OR is this one of those society says you need this and that to be happy kind of things..?


@grimskull89: Probably what will improve her


Why are breasts such an issue? I like mine just like they are.


Yeah, I drove past her on my way to work. She was in the parking lot next to a closed down restaurant. She seemed to be doing very well.


@atd15: Where you one of the folks on camera giving her help?


@mtm2: To be honest it wasn't a big deal to anyone until the story was posted in the local paper.
The street she was on has several strip clubs and biker bars, and my guess is that she was promoting one of them.


@atd15: Or looking for a job later.


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