questionsis there a place to post local deals or possibly…


Not really - there are other sites for that. A URL is pretty well required, though plenty of in-store only deals get posted as long as there's an official link to confirm it.


I think with questions of this sort it's useful to ask which community you want to share it with. It's pretty likely that Harris Teeter is already sharing it with their community -- which is the city they're located in -- via their usual advertising.

Sharing with the Wootizen community is a different matter. There's no coupon or URL to confirm the sale price, and I expect the vast majority of folks reading this site don't live in your community.

This doesn't seem to be the right place for such a limited-demographic offer.


There is this: where I found a reference to the deal you describe. The link may not work for everyone though. If this is a deal honored by all Harris Teeters, that community is probably large enough to post here.


@benyust2: Good search! It looks as if the ad is honored in all their stores except the NC Outer Banks, is limited to Green Mountain k-cups, and requires a VIC card to get the sale price.


I think I agree with @magic cave. A regional store has a sale on a limited subset of items, and only if you use your store card. I don't see how this is Woot-worthy (although we could debate what that even means, that's a bit off topic). It would be like a Texan posting what the meal deal is this week at HEB. How many people in Nebraska give a rodent's hindquarters?

That two Pepsi 12 packs, get another three for free? Seriously? Day-um. Cola Wars are back on on the East coast?


I'm actually glad the scope of Deals is national offers that just about anyone can use. If they opened it up to local stuff spammers would have a field day, posting everyday restaurant specials and store sales ("20 cents off iced tea at Doreen's in west Duluth!", "10% off Tuesdays for seniors at South Podunk Community Thrift!") that are out of driving range for 99%+ percent of wooters.


@starblind: There used to be a site that was dedicated to local deals for a few select areas. I don't think it was spammed, but I also don't think it was utilized all that often.


@starblind: I guess to each their own. I would like to see local stuff here too, just more to search through for better deals.

And I am not buying the spam thing at all. There are other sites that do a GREAT job at posting local deals and they rarely have issues with spam. I see more spam here to be honest.

You also do have a number of deals here that it are "Northeast Only" or something along those lines, so it is limited to a certain geographic area. They do well too.

And of course there is always local.woo..errrrrr.....nevermind...

@lichme: Thanks for that. This made me laugh:

Not a farewell, just a forced redirect.
It's true, Local.Woot is no longer, but please don't despair.

Never-ending savings are still to be found on Deals.Woot each and every day, so come on in. Don't think of it as a time for tears. Think of it as a way to bring us all closer together under one roof.