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@pickypickypicky: Thank you, I never even thought to check the wiki.


@pickypickypicky: Better question is would you put a 32GB card in your Sansa? My experience is that I often spy (out of the corner of my eye) my SD card precariously hanging out of the slot in my Sansa. Just waiting to fall to the pavement. This has happened to me on a couple different occasions. So much so, that I now keep a rubberband around the entire unit to keep the card in place when I bump it. Since I jog with it, I bump it alot....


@jimmyd103: I feel your pain, I don't trust it either.

The advice I got on this thread:, recommended the max card, for a given application. Nonetheless, due to the possibility of losing the card,I am inclined to stick with an 8gb card, max. So if it does slip out, I'm not out that much $$$. I also modified a ipod case, (nano, I think, no troublesome SD slot from apple, ha!) so that the card is covered when the case is on. Makes changing the card out a little harder, but I don't change it that often, since that is a lot of tunes.


@jimmyd103: I just verified it was not the nano, that I modified. I can't remember which one it was though, but it was the same size as the clip. Best to bring the clip into the store to determine which one is the closest match. That is, if you want to go that route. I didn't want to leave you with incomplete info.


If you're worried about losing the card, get a silicon skin for the old Sansa Clip (not the Clip+). That model didn't have a sd slot, so there's no hole in cover. The cover has a circle instead of a square for all the buttons, but the configuration is the same (play/pause at the top, fast forward on the left, etc). Go on e-bay or amazon and you should be able to pick one up for a few bucks, it'll protect your player, your card, and looks better than a rubber band.


Or just put a small piece of scotch tape over the card slot.