questionslooking for the 5 guitar picks for 99 cents…


Seems it has been deleted -- not ripped. Who knows why.


Have you checked your clothes dryer? There are always guitar picks in mine.
I don't understand why. My grandfather had 3 guitars and each had a pick. His great grandson seems to have endless picks, all of which end up in the dryer.


@dontwantaname: Transmutation followed by parthenogenesis. Stray socks and errant pennies are known to transmute into other items, most notably guitar picks and Kleenex. Those items then recreate themselves via parthenogenesis, which is why one penny can become six (or even more) guitar picks and one Kleenex can become 11 pounds of fluffy Kleenex bits. If given an option, always choose guitar picks, which are easily removed from other clothing in which they may be discovered.


Thanks for re-posting.
We fixed the picture.

All told.


@magic cave: Thanks, I always wondered how that happened.


@magic cave: But what about the missing socks? I blame dryer gnomes.