questionswould you (or have you) consider adopting out of…


My sister in law has adopted several kids from foster care and fostered lots they didn’t adopt as well. The main concern/ difference is that many/most of the kids are in the system for a reason so they have unique challenges and issues that have to be addressed whether it be health or mental.

Over the years they have adopted so many that they are absolutely good at taking any child and including them into their family. They also make an effort where possible to let the children interact with their birth family.

Truth be told they are so good at it that if my wife and I passed my will sends my children to them rather than her parents or my parents. That got some initial eye raising from my family at the time we announced this decision but we feel it’s the best thing to do. And after my family met them they agree

The other cool part is that they have black, Mexican, Navajo Indian, and white children I love it because it teaches my kids diversity they are quite the rainbow family.


I almost had a foster/adopted brother when I was about 8 or 9 years old. My mom was seriously considering it, and then she cracked her hip and her arthritis got worse, so she wasn't physically able to take care of a kid that age.


When I was growing up (between 10 and 19), we had a bunch of different foster kids. It's a shame, the kids would go back to a pretty sad situation. Most of the kids we had, had emotional issues. I still cry when I think about how some of them were when we got them. Including the one single child my mom wanted to adopt, the kid was suicidal at 3 years old. Pretty depressing, and I hate to think about his home life before we had him. Some pretty amazing stories, some pretty messed up kids. My mom was able to make most of them feel loved and secure enough that a lot of their behavior issues eventually would go away.

I probably would, if I thought I was in any kind of place to have a child in my life right now. I always liked that my mom was so able to help a child who obviously needed it, and I would like to think I would be able to do the same. Worse comes to worse, we'd spend a lot of time with my mom


I want you to think long and hard about this decision. And please visit this forum first:

Also, it is important to find out EXACTLY what your rights are if you discover that an adopted foster child has behaviors and problems that you as parents absolutely cannot handle (the child becomes a danger not only to himself, but to other family members as well, as an example).